Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Victoria Pendleton (w/Brendan Cole)

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Victoria Pendleton (w/Brendan Cole)

Gold medal winner Victoria Pendleton MBE is the golden girl of British cycling. After winning nine world titles, including a record six in the individual sprint competition, she also went on to win a silver and gold in the London 2012 Olympics.

Victoria is the reigning world champion for the sprint and also an Olympic, European and Commonwealth champion.

As she swaps her bike for the ballroom, will Victoria’s competitive edge see her through to the final?

What made you decide to sign up for Strictly this year?

For me, retiring after the Olympics was always going to be a bit hard to follow, and knowing what it’s like post competition when you feel a bit lost and a bit ‘what do I do now?’ having something to focus on whether the result was good or bad at the Olympics was a great thing to do.

So how would you rate your current dancing skills out of 10?

About nil! Zero. Actually I’m going to give myself 0.5 out of 10 only for the fact that I’m not frightened to have a laugh at myself, so I’ll give it a go! I’ll go out there and give it a go. If I was at a party and amongst friends then I’d definitely have a bit of a boogie but other than that not so much. With my wedding coming up, expectations will be very high now for our first dance! My fiance Scott is already feeling the pressure, but I reckon Scott’s quite good; he has more dance skills already than I have currently.

Are you going to be competitive against your other Team GB celebrity, Louis Smith?

Yes, I am annoyed they put another athlete in – especially one that can probably dance loads better than I can! And he can also do tricks as well! I can’t do any tricks. He’s going to be flipping on to the dance floor, that’s what I imagine. So I’m slightly intimidated by Louis. I have no dance experience, which is slightly concerning. People might feel sorry for me, I hope so!

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