Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Richard Arnold (w/Erin Boag)

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Richard Arnold (w/Erin Boag)

Housewives favourite Richard Arnold is a firmly established journalist and presenter who became known as the cheeky showbiz reporter on GMTV. He appeared on the show for 13 years, leaving in 2010.

He has hosted numerous shows since including Loose Lips, and The Planet’s Funniest Animals and also has a weekly column in Hello! magazine.

In June 2012 he returned to ITV Breakfast as Showbiz Editor for Daybreak. Fun and flamboyant, will Richard have the insider scoop and impress the judges?

What are you most looking forward to about Strictly?

Up until my costume fitting it was the lustre and the lycra! But then I discovered that the latin pants cut you higher than is faintly decent, and saw a muffin top in the mirror Delia would be proud of. It dawned on me that it’s not everyone who can carry off marabou under a mirror ball on a Saturday night. It didn’t help when the wardrobe department also had to slash my shirt at the back to help me get in it!

How do you rate your chances out of ten and should your fellow contestants be worried?

A loose four! I delude myself as best as the next man that I can tear up the rug on a Saturday night after a spot of sauce in the right company but co-ordination is not a skill I’m renowned for. I used to be first on the dance floor and last to leave but when you ripen into middle youth, it pays to develop exit skills before the lights come up!

A number of colleagues from breakfast telly have taken part. Have any of them asked for any tips?

I haven’t told a soul about Strictly! I know how nervous they all were about taking part and I could see the fear in their eyes every Friday before they were due to take part, as palpable as their relief on the Monday when they’d survived another week. Not one of them regrets it, though, and I know they still miss the frocks. Andrew Castle especially, but then he has the physique of a tennis pro.

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