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Jessica-Jane Clement

Age: 26
Date of Birth: 24th February 1985
Phobias: Spiders. I have been having nightmares about them!
Missing any special occasions? I have just got engaged, I have had to put the celebrations on ice until I return from the jungle.
Relationship status: Engaged

She is a former glamour model who has posed for Playboy in her past, but Real Hustle star Jessica-Jane Clement will definitely be warding off any male admirers after getting engaged to her boyfriend days before entering the jungle.

The pretty model and TV star, who has been showing viewers how to avoid getting conned for six years, admits it’s going to be tough being separated from her new fiancé, hairdresser Lee Stafford.
“I’ve just got engaged to my boyfriend,” she reveals. “We’d been on holiday in Africa and he popped the question. Obviously I was already in love with him, but now I am super loved-up and the thought of popping that bubble to come in the jungle is going to be tough. I’d love him to be in the jungle with me!

So is there anything she is dreading? “I don’t like surprises,” she admits. “Because I don’t know who is going to be in the jungle with me, I am a little anxious about who I will be living with.”
Yet whilst some celebrities think the jungle is a great diet, Jessica-Jane reckons she will actually put on weight. “The food doesn’t bother me,” she admits. “I have never been a massive eater. In fact I will probably put on weight with all the rice and beans! I will have never eaten so much rice in my life!

“This experience is going to be so exciting. I can’t wait…”

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