Glee Season 4: ‘Feud’ (Sky1, 8pm)

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Glee Season 4: ‘Feud’ (Sky1, 8pm)

The fourth season of Glee continues on Sky1 this evening with episode fifteen – ‘Feud’.

Relations between Finn and Will have been icy ever since the former student confessed to kissing the choirmaster’s bride-to-be Emma, so the kids insist the pair sort out their problems once and for all.

But this is Glee, where people don’t sit down and talk through their problems, or simply shout at each other. Instead, the solution is to sing a musical duet on the theme of feuds. But will it bring the warring duo back together?

Blaine and Sue also go head to head in a sing-off to determine the former’s future as a cheerleader, while in New York, Santana is sure Brody is hiding something and seeks help from an old friend to prove her point.

Glee: Feud is on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 8pm this evening, and repeated at 9pm on Wednesday.

Updated on Sunday 28 April 2013 by @TVNewsroom