George Lamb named host of Channel 4’s ‘The Bank Job’

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George Lamb has been named the host of Channel 4’s new quiz show, The Bank Job.

The Bank Job is a week-long TV event giving contestants the chance to pull off the ultimate heist and walk away with a life changing sum of money.

Across six nights, four contestants are taken to a real bank and enter a bank vault filled with hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash. They play a high jeopardy, competitive game of knowledge, judgement and luck. By the end of the night one victor will be leaving with a briefcase full of money – the other three will be going home empty-handed.

On the final night the winners from the previous five shows will return with the money they’ve won, pooling it together to compete against each other in a suspenseful, winner-takes-all final. It’s the ultimate showdown with a huge twist that could see one player walk out of the bank with the entire prize.

George Lamb said: “I’m super happy to be back at Channel 4, working on such an exciting and ground-breaking live show. If you cross an edge-of-your-seat game show with Ocean’s Eleven and add a twist of real-time viewing then you’ve got The Bank Job.”

Both the live television show and online game requires players to showcase nerve and knowledge. In each timed round, twenty-five safety deposit boxes contain different amounts of cash. Players answer general knowledge questions and a correct answer allows them to pick a safety deposit box and keep the money inside.

Time in the vault is limited so players face a major dilemma. Stay in the vault to get more cash and they might be left inside when the time runs out – but bail out early and they risk being left with the least money, and also being eliminated.

To become a contestant on ‘The Bank Job’ play the online game that has launched on to unlock the exclusive application form.

Updated on Monday 5 December 2011 by @TVNewsroom