Dancing on Ice 2013: Oona King (Baroness King of Bow)

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Dancing on Ice 2013: Oona King (Baroness King of Bow)

Age: 45
Skating with: Mark Henretty

Number of times fell over on first day: None as thankfully I have barely fallen over at all because I have had one or two men to catch me!
Number of bruises so far: None
Most embarrassing fear/dread for first live show: Getting the choreography of the routine right
Dream celebrity skating partner: Barack Obama. He is quite good at Basketball and so you never know!

Former MP Oona King has taken up the Dancing On Ice challenge because she wants to do something completely indulgent for herself as well as giving her Tango loving husband a run for his money in the fun stakes.

Laughing, the 45-year-old, who lost her Bethnal Green and Bow seat in London to George Galloway at the General Election seven years ago, explains she can now finally match her husband’s enthusiasm for Tango dances with her own nifty ice skating moves.

“He became a Tango crazy person about two years ago and so he has always tried to get me to practise his Tango moves,” explains Oona. “I was just not interested as it did nothing for me. He was always grabbing me to have a go and now at least, I feel I have got my Tango equivalent with Dancing On Ice!”

“I really do feel very indulgent doing this show. I have always wanted to do it and now I am appearing on the programme, I am having such a laugh on a pair of ice skates!”

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