Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Lauren Harries

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Lauren Harries

Age 35; Star Sign Pisces; Home Town Cardiff;

Lauren Charlotte Harries (born James Charles Harries) is a British TV personality. Beginning her career as a young boy at the tender age of 10 on the Wogan show, Harries was labelled a “child prodigy” in the field of antiques.

From the age of five, Harries collected all kinds of objects from car boot sales and second-hand shops. His break came when a piece of porcelain he found was valued at several thousand pounds. The local paper carried the story and James

was promoted by his father as a child prodigy in the field of antiques.

Harries began making television appearances in August 1988 on Terry Wogan’s chat show, Wogan. The 10 year old had a knowledge of antiques which, combined with an odd appearance including bow ties, hair in thick golden curls, formal

attire and a precocious manner of speaking, made Harries someone the viewing public were unlikely to forget.

James started cross-dressing in 1997 and changed his name to Lauren. Lauren has said that a casual remark in a supermarket, that “he should be a woman”, helped her realise that that was what she wanted.

In 2001, James underwent a full sex change operation and changed her name to Lauren Charlotte Harries. Lauren describes her life changing moment: “My life is just beginning. It’s like I’ve been reborn.”

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