Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 9 – Housemates set bouquet of flowers task

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 9 – Housemates set bouquet of flowers task

Recap of day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Friday 24 August 2012.


After surprise nominations late last night housemates are up and enjoying their breakfast in the kitchen. Julie blows raspberries on The Situation’s arm: “Now, that is love!” she quips. Julian enters the kitchen and Julie tells him that although he didn’t snore last night, “All night it was the death rattle!” Julian replies: “Well you see, I’m a nominee now and I have taken it very badly. It’s like being a condemned man, I can’t tell you.” Julie groans: “Oh for God sake. You don’t know how lucky you are!” Julian ignores her and continues to make himself a cup of tea. He asks The Situation if he would care for one also. “If there is enough water in the kettle, please,” The Situation responds. “Anything for my fellow nominee,” Julian replies and Julie shouts: “Oh stop this!”

In the garden, Prince Lorenzo asks Coleen how she feels about “being on the chopping block.” Coleen claims that she is feeling okay and admits that she “expected it.” Prince Lorenzo admits that he also expected to be up for nomination and Coleen tells him that she thought it would be herself and Cheryl facing the public vote.

Julie, Julian, Martin and The Situation are in the kitchen. Julian is making a crumpet and Julie quips: “You got enough butter on there!” The comedian is silent but jokingly smears jam onto his cheek. Julie laughs uncontrollably and Julian declares: “It’s a dirty protest!” before smearing more jam onto his face. Julie is beside herself with laughter and shrieks: “Stop it Julian! You are sending me over the edge!” Julian jokes: “I’ve taken it very badly!”


Samantha, The Situation, Danica and Cheryl are in the kitchen talking about yesterday’s nominations. Samantha asks Cheryl whether she is okay and Cheryl replies: “I prefer nominating to peoples faces, I preferred it man, all this who’s doing what, all these people acting guilty and tings (sic) with their heads bowed down. It’s b*******!” Seemingly agitated, Cheryl is on a cleaning spree and continues to tell fellow housemates: “I look people in the eye whether I nominated them or not! You know what I am saying?!”

While Cheryl continues to rant, Danica is cuddling The Situation and touches his nipples: “Are you cold?” she quips. Danica continues to ask The Situation if he is upset about the nominations. “No. It’s something else,” he replies and Danica is shocked. “Tell me. You can tell me anything,” she says and leads him to the sofas. The Situation admits that he is upset: “If you found out that you were up for nomination I would have stayed with you. Julie stayed with me and I begged her to go to sleep and she didn’t leave me.” Danica defends herself and replies: “I had to be there for Rhian.” The Situation becomes frustrated and snaps: “She isn’t even up this week.”

Danica replies: “Once I’m friends with someone,” but The Situation interjects: “You forget to be there for them!” Danica becomes dismissive and admits that she finds it “difficult” with The Situation because she is seeing someone outside of the house. The Situation assures Danica that he is aware she has somebody on the outside but continues: “The connection we have is pretty special. We can’t lie about that.” He confesses that Danica as his best friend in the house and says he feels “disappointed” by her actions, before walking away from her.

In the garden, The Situation tells Coleen that he has been “wrong about some people in the house” and that he had “forgotten it was a game” Coleen reassures him: “It’s not a game as in people are being nice so people don’t nominate them.”

Cheryl enters the bedroom where Danica seems to be avoiding fellow housemates “Is it too intense?” Cheryl asks and Danica looks to her for her advice. Cheryl asserts that Danica needs to “back off” from The Situation adding: “Even putting your arms around him out there was wrong. It was wrong. That is mixed messages and that is not good.” Danica becomes defensive saying: “But that was because he was about to cry!” Cheryl tells a concerned Danica: “Reverse the role. Put the shoes on your feet!”


Cheryl is attempting packing her suitcase and is counting how many smalls she has left. “That means I can stay here another twenty-eight days,” she tells herself.

Prince Lorenzo, Martin and Julian are enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Prince Lorenzo questions Julian about how is feeling about being nominated. Julian admits that he finds it hard to talk to people all the time and that being nominated has only made this worse. Martin jokes: “Do you feel like a dead man walking?” and Julian replies: “I don’t have the energy to go around campaigning for people to like me!” Martin’s advice is: “I think the best way of campaigning is being yourself.” Prince Lorenzo declares: “Nobody has betrayed you,” and Julian replies: “It is nothing serious.” Martin admits to both men that “the game has started!”

Prince Lorenzo has made an alarming discovery – he has grey hairs! He asks Danica whether she can see them and she shrieks: “There are about fifteen!” Danica continues to admit that she likes grey hair on a man and Prince Lorenzo quips: “Oh damn!”

The Situation is talking about Rhian and Danica to Julian in the bathroom. He is speculating that since the girls found out that they were not facing eviction, they have split from his group. The Situation confesses to Julian that Danica has been the first girl that has “liked” in five years. Julian agrees that The Situation’s feelings are genuine but admits that he is unsure about how mutual Danica’s feelings are for him. The Situation declares: “Fool me once!” and Julian brands the relationships in the house as “very interesting.” The Situation continues to inform Julian that if he were his best friend he would have stayed with him after they found out they were up for eviction. Julian continues to brand Danica and Rhian as “tough” and admits that he “admires them for knowing what they want in life.” The Situation retorts: “Cut throat?” before Julian adds: “There is a thin line!”


Coleen has come to talk to Big Brother in the diary room. She admits that it is “weird” looking around and wondering “who doesn’t like her”. Coleen confesses that she hopes outside the house, her celebrity housemates will get along and celebrate the experience together. She adds: “Sometimes I get bored in here, and then I realise I’m in Big Brother. That’s cool. I’m getting down with the kids!”

In the kitchen, Prince Lorenzo speculates to Samantha that he knows who nominated him. In response, Samantha declares: “I’ll tell you now. I didn’t nominate you. I have no reason to nominate you.”

In the garden, Julie is telling Julian that the men in the house “need to man the f**k up” and informs him that The Situation was crying last night over Danica. “I never thought she liked him very much anyway,” Julian quips and Julie replies: “No she doesn’t!” Julian then declares: “Oh those girls! They did what they had to do didn’t they? Got what they wanted and then f**k off.” Julie claims that the boys in the house are not “used to it” and Julian speculates: “Next round of nominations they’ll be sorry and then they will start being nice to them again.”
The conversation turns to Julian’s fate in regards to the looming eviction and Julie claims that he will be safe. Julian admits that he wouldn’t mind if were evicted and Julie bites: “I know, that what’s annoying me! If you want the truth, that really does p*ss me off!” She brands herself a “liability” and adds that if Julian did leave that she would be “lost” Julian assures Julie: “Well they all love you,” and she replies: “Don’t be ridiculous!” In jest, Julian declares: “You can have lovely cheery chats with Samantha” and an unimpressed Julie responds: “I don’t want them!” Continuing to be sarcastic, Julian adds: “I’m sure she said something interesting last Friday…”


Big Brother calls all housemates to the Diary Room for today’s task. Big Brother tells each Housemate that they have a few minutes to decide who they would like to give a bouquet of flowers to. “I don’t need a couple of minutes” Ashley replies and Cheryl asks Big Brother whether she can “half the bouquet and give it to two people”. When told that they must not discuss their choices with fellow housemates, Cheryl declares: “I know nothing, I only cook the chips!”

Housemates are gathered on the sofas and in turn read aloud the messages on their bouquets. In order to keep the flowers, each housemate must correctly guess which fellow housemate has given them their bouquet.


Rhian is alone in the bedroom. In the living area, Harvey is talking to Danica about Ashley and Rhian. He proposes that since nominations, everyone seems to have split: “People have got what they want and they’ve just walked off!” Ashley walks past and on hearing the conversation agrees with what Harvey is saying. Back in the bedroom Rhian overhears what Harvey is saying and she sheepishly stands closer to the bedroom door.
Meanwhile Harvey declares: “Ash (Ashley) was there for Rhi (Rhian) but it seems like now she is safe, what about him? She hasn’t shown no love to him. It’s like take-care see you later. That’s how he feels. Quite honestly now it looks like she’s playing a game – blatantly!”

In the bedroom, Rhian is assuring Coleen that she has asked Ashley if he is okay: “It’s like catch twenty-two here. If I spend too much time with him then I am leading him on. I’m sick of feeling uncomfortable around him. I care about him a lot!” Coleen advises Rhian that she should go out of the bedroom and Rhian sighs: “I can’t be bothered!”

On leaving the bedroom, Coleen informs Ashley, Danica and Harvey that Rhian has overheard their entire conversation. Harvey becomes defensive and declares: “I’m just having a conversation, that’s irrelevant, if people ask me my opinion I am going to give it to them!” Ushering to Ashley, Coleen informs him that Rhian would like to talk to him and he replies: “I’m done. She can come to me; I’m always going to her. No bruv. Done man!” On hearing this, Coleen informs Rhian that Ashley is fed up of “coming to her” and Rhian mutters: “Pathetic” before calling him in from the garden.

In the kitchen, Danica is telling Harvey that is pleased he has told her how Ashley is feeling. “Ask me a question I tell you no lies. I’m not fake!” In the bedroom Rhian is questioning Ashley over the conversation she has overheard: “What’s up now? The conversation I just heard, it sounded like you think I am using you.” She continues to inform Ashley that the reason why she did not get into his bed last night was because she did not want to be perceived negatively: “I didn’t want people seeing me getting into your bed when I’m with someone on the outside. It would be different if it was a double bed but it is a single bed at night time. It is nothing personal.” Ashley replies: “So are we not friends? Friends do that and you’ve already told millions of people that you don’t want to be with me and we are friends. So why can’t we be friends in a bed?” Rhian is lost for words and eventually adds: “Well I don’t know. Would you see Danica getting into The Situation’s bed?” Ashley tells her that Danica and The Situation’s relationship is “not his business” and asks her why she asked him into bed with her and Danica. Rhian replies: “Because then there is three people in the bed and it isn’t as personal!” Ashley confesses that Rhian has not even thanked him for being there for her: “Not one thank you!” he exclaims and continues: “how much do I have to do to get a thank you?” Rhian confesses that she was going to give the bouquet of flowers to Ashley but on realizing there was “no chance” of Ashley appreciating them opted not to.


Rhian has come to the diary room: “I’m sick of crying. I love Ash (Ashley) to bits but as a friend. Just because I don’t want anything more, like he won’t speak to me if I’m not giving him more. It is like a catch twenty-two. If I went and sat with Ash (Ashley) and cuddled up to him I’m getting told I am leading him on and if I don’t then I am using him!” When Big Brother asks her how their conversation went, Rhian replies: “It couldn’t have gone any worse! I just shouldn’t have said anything – again! I’m sick of explaining myself. I have never known someone to be so difficult in all my life!”

In the kitchen, Danica is confessing to The Situation that she was upset that she was brought up again by fellow housemates in the task. The Situation assures Danica that he understands and admits that he respects she is with someone, but has never met somebody like her before. Seemingly uncomfortable, Danica changes the conversation and quips: “Good cup of tea!” before confessing that she feels “upset” at the prospect of their relationship changing.

“I don’t think that would ever change,” The Situation admits and asks her whether she can see where he is coming from. Becoming tearful, Danica embraces The Situation and she apologises for upsetting him.


Big Brother has gathered housemates in the living area. Martin speculates that housemates will be watching their nominations on screen. Ashley becomes apprehensive: “No no they can’t. Don’t say that bruv coz I picked a real wrongen. I picked a real bad one. I swear on my life” and he continues to mouth: “Julian.” Martin holds his head in his hands and laughs.

Housemates are then told that they have incurred a rule break as a result of Samantha earlier telling Prince Lorenzo she did not nominate him. As a consequence of Samantha’s rule break, housemates are told that they will not have hot water for the rest of the evening. However, Big Brother then puts housemate’s attention upon Ashley. “They don’t miss a trick,” Harvey quips and Ashley awaits what Big Brother has to say nervously. Housemates are informed that as they were being gathered on the sofas, Ashley confessed to Martin that he nominated “Julian.” On hearing this, Ashley apologises to Julian who replies: “I forgive you.” Housemates are told that as a result of Ashley’s confession to Martin they will not have hot water for the following day.


In the diary room, Julian claims that housemates seem miserable because the hot water has been taken away from them. “It’s not the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It just feels a bit like we have been punished – you are punishing everyone aren’t you? Even those who are very careful not to discuss nominations. All my theories about who nominated me are wrong. So it was Ashley that nominated me. I would rather I didn’t know who nominated me of course but never mind hey?”

Rhian and Ashley are in bed with each other as Rhian admits that she thinks “they need to switch off a bit next week”. Ashley is confused by Rhian and asks her to explain what she means. She continues to explain that she wants them to have a laugh together and assures him that once outside the house, Ashley will have “loads of girls” and that he will “forget inside the house”. “I swear to God you will have people queuing up” Rhian claims and Ashley replies: “I’m not that type of person.” Rhian continues to confess that she does not want to indulge in serious conversations in the house and that instead Ashley should be “doing some judo moves in bed.” The Page 3 model admits that she is happy outside the house with the man that she is “seeing” but acknowledges: “It’s not that I don’t find you attractive and if I was single then things may have been different”.
Prince Lorenzo, The Situation, Cheryl and Coleen are in the hot tub discussing being up for nomination. None of them want to leave the house but understand that it is part of the game and it is up to the public. Prince Lorenzo is confident he’ll leave.

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