Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 4 – Jasmine calls Danica a prostitute!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 4 – Jasmine calls Danica a prostitute!

Recap of day 4 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Sunday 19 August 2012.


Last night, housemates nominated for the first time face to face.

In the bedroom, “Is it another sunny day?” Julian quips. “In paradise, yes!” replies Jasmine. He asks her: “Someone said you don’t remember much about last night?” She replies: “I’m starting to…in parts.”

Julian continues: “If you were going to have a turn it’s the way to do it. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 10!” Jasmine moans: “Oh god.”

In the garden, Prince Lorenzo and Martin are talking about why they nominated Jasmine. They both agree that they nominated her for the same reasons. “She seems to be getting worse each day. I’m generally worried for her,” admits Prince Lorenzo.

In the bedroom, Jasmine jumps on Rhian’s bed and apologises to her. “I remember someone said that you don’t clean!” Rhian replies: “I don’t to be fair.” Jasmine continues: “It dawned on me that I made this huge effort to me nice to everyone. Now I feel I will say it how it is and I will enjoy myself.” The conversation changes to Danica, Jasmine states: “If she was my daughter she wouldn’t be my daughter. I’ll be damned if I go before Her. It is not happening.” A bemused Rhian looks on.


Martin tells Julie: “It’s hard to be married to an actress or an actor. It was hard for Shirley, when everything I did involved a sex scene on screen. That was really hard for her, we came through that, it’s easy after that.” The duo both agree that it’s difficult for a partner to understand.

In the bedroom, Jasmine states: “Today, I don’t give a s**t. Where as yesterday it seemed really important. A massive pressure is off as it’s out of my hands if I stay or go.”

Danica remarks: “Jasmine it’s a game!” She agrees. “You have the wrong view, you are making people feel uncomfortable including me,” Danica explains. Jasmine quips: “I’m trying very hard to, so that’s good to know!”

“Why?” asks Danica. “Cos I don’t like escorts, I think you are a little prostitute. It’s gross. Aren’t your parents ashamed of you?” Jasmine replies.

Danica explains that she is happy with what she does, and then Jasmine leaves the bedroom. Her remarks upset Danica: “Out of order. I’m sick of it, she’s so horrible.”

Harvey adds: “I don’t like vibes like this, that is not nice.” Julian comments: “Remember what you said, it’s a game.” Cheryl thinks that Danica is stronger than that.

Danica leaves in tears to sit with Coleen, Rhian and The Situation in the smoking area. “She thinks I’m an escort, and a prostitute and that I’m disgusting.”

The Situation consoles her; Coleen gets up and goes to confront Jasmine: “You’ve really upset Danica.” Jasmine replies: “I’ve got to be truthful, I really don’t care. She started the conversation with me; she didn’t need to do that. I told her she’s a pretty girl.”

“Did you call her a prostitute?” asks Coleen, Jasmine quips: “She is!”


In the diary room, it’s been 63 minutes since Danica was left in tears after a confrontation with Jasmine. “It was horrible; I tried so hard not to get upset. I didn’t like being called a prostitute or that my parents would be ashamed.” She continues: “I tried so hard not to get upset, a character like that loves it.”

Jasmine is telling The Situation her side of the story. He says: “I’m confrontational on my show.” She replies: “I’m not confrontational, she came at me and I responded. It’s all on tape. I’m the only one that says it to her face. I know you feel the same way.”

“You know I like her (Danica) a little bit…I tried not to like her. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt,” admits The Situation. “My god is love, not money. I said to her she’s an escort and she said she’s happy with that.” Jasmine explains. The Situation asks: “She’s an escort?” She replies: ‘That’s my opinion, I don’t know, I don’t know her.”


Its task time, Julian and Julie will be looking for talent in the task Talent Agents. The rest of the house will perform for the two talent spotters, and each competing judge selects housemates to be in their talent agency. On Julie’s team are: Coleen, Danica, Harvey, Samantha and The Situation. Julian picked: Ashley, Cheryl, Jasmine, Martin, Prince Lorenzo and Rhian.
Each team hopes they have the talent to win a showbiz party; Big Brother’s online community will decide who will be the winner!

Ashley is first to perform and acts out his transformation from a bad boy to a Judo Olympian. Cheryl puts her acting experience to good use and Coleen sings, ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing.’

Danicais up next and quips: “I’m talentless!” She then strips down to her underwear and performs her trick the crab. Julie smiles: “Wow!”

Harvey performs his hit ‘21 Seconds’ which pleases the judges. Jasmine performs a seductive floor move, Julie comments: “That was absolutely stunning!”

Rhian shows off with her talents with facts in briefs. “Did you know the average size breasts in the UK is a 36C? I push the boundaries a little bit there!” Julian asks her: “What size are you?” She tells him 32DD.

Next up is Martin, he draws on his experience of acting and singing and acts out the lyrics to his hit ‘GOLD’ which brings Julie to tears: “Absolutely fabulous.” The judges are lost for words.

Prince Lorenzo plays a numbers game for the judges: “I’m the human tipping calculator!” He reels off a series of numbers which confuses the judges. Samantha tries to impress the judges with some yoga.

The Situation decides to just be himself: “I have created, crafted and perfected a character and his name is The Situation.” He lifts his t-shirt up to show off his defined abs.

After the talent rounds, the judges discuss all the performances. Julie states: “Martin is in the running. The Situation…you can’t just watch his abs all night”. “I could,” Julian grins.


In the garden, Danica spots a seagull: “Julie there’s a seagull!” Julie jumps up and shouts: “Stay I need you. You promised and you’ve done it girl! I love you!” The seagull squawks back at her.

Danicathinks: “Julie that is unbelievable.”

“That’s my mate. She died not long ago and she said she would come back as a seagull when I really needed her,” explains Julie. She adds: “Thank you darling for pointing that out to me meant so much.”

“The fact she was talking back and floating around,” remarks Danica and continues: “My mum used to walk into any room and light up the whole room.”

Julie asks: “What do you mean used to?” Danica explains that her mum passed away when she was 14. Julie is shocked as she didn’t know and Jasmine listens on.


Its time for talent spotters Julie and Julian, to announce who they think should go into the final and win them the competition. Julian states: “The act I’ve chosen to take to the final is Ashley!”

Julie announces: “The act I have chosen to take through to the final round is Harvey and John!” All housemates cheer finalists.

Harvey talks to Big Brother: ‘I grew up on a tough estate in London. We’ve always worked hard as a family; I’ve worked hard to achieve everything in my life. Music makes me happy.”

Ashley is in the diary room: “It’s important to make my family proud as I’ve put them through a lot…I’ve put the Olympic team through a lot, that’s my family. Judo is my way of life, without judo sometimes I don’t think it’s worth living.”

The judges introduce their finalists for the final performance. Ashley is up first and performs his judo moves. “Now I’m in the Olympic squad, Team GB!”

Harvey takes to the stage and blasts out ‘21 Seconds’ to the house. “It’s been a pleasure! Well done Ash!”

The two performances are then uploaded to the internet where fans will be voting for their favourite act. The result will be revealed later.


Danica and Jasmine are alone in the bedroom. “I want to say sorry to you Danica, for real. I heard what you said in the garden about your mum and its f**ked me up all afternoon. I would never have said something like that if I had known that. I don’t judge you from a holier-than-thou position, I judge you from a position of someone who has been to really bad dark places. I thought about stripping and I shared those feelings with my mum and she’s the one who stopped me. I’m just sorry.”

“The only reason I cried was because of the parents comment. I know how proud my mum was of me,” Danica declares.


Viewers have been voting for their winner of the talent task for the past three hours. Big Brother announces the winner, who the public voted for is Ashley! He is overjoyed and wins a VIP party for Julian and fellow teammates.


Most of the housemates are in the garden. Big Brother announces that the living area is now open for Julian and his stars to enjoy the party; however Julie and her stars must stay in the garden or bedroom. The winning team is supplied with an ice sculptor and chocolate fountain.

From the garden, Danica and Coleen stand at the doors and look on at the party. “Oh wow, it’s a proper dance floor! Oh and a chocolate fountain!” Coleen quips.

Music starts to play into the house and the winning housemates enjoy the party, drinking champagne off the ice sculpture.

Harvey tells The Situation: “I feel that if you were to be persistent it would become real, there is chemistry!” He replies: “I am pretty persistent.”

“Girls loved to be seduced with flattery,” adds Samantha. The Situation adds: “If we were having some wine at night, her (Danica) guard would come down a little bit.”

Jasmine grabs her moment on the dance floor to make a mends with Prince Lorenzo. He tells her: “I know you think I betrayed you. You have what you want, you’re here, you’ve already won! I promise you I didn’t do it because I don’t like you.”

“I did think you betrayed me. The fear makes me get angry; I don’t want to go home. I haven’t had any time for myself, I haven’t had any friends,” cries Jasmine. “I’m not an a**hole, I’m worried about you,” he explains. The pair hugs.


The party is in full swing. In the smoking area, Harvey tells The Situation: “British girls are crazy, they like to party!” In earshot of Danica, The Situation says: “I would wine and dine her…”

“I believe him. But you seem to be forgetting someone apart from me,” Danica quips. He replies: “I know…you shouldn’t waste an opportunity. There’s chemistry…but I understand your situation. If you were single, I think it would be a lot different. I think I would make you very happy. Anything that didn’t make you smile I would fix.” smiles Danica.


Rhianand Ashley are talking about Danica and The Situation. He says: “I think she’s playing.” Conversation turns to Rhian and she tells him: “You know I’m seeing someone…you knew that.” Ashley seems upset.

In the kitchen, Jasmine asks Danica: ‘Do you like him (The Situation)?” She replies: “Do you know what, he’s not my type but his personality is. There’s something about him.”

“He’s broken a lot of hearts!” quips Jasmine. Danica says: “He would make a great friend. I’ve told him I’m seeing someone I really like.”


In the smoking area, Harvey tells Jasmine: “I know you have goodness in you, but I’ve seen your explosion. This morning I didn’t like that side of you. Not me judging you, but you could have dealt with it a bit better. I wanted to say f**king stop it! Look how 24 hours has changed, you two have talked.” She replies: “My natural standard reaction to fear is aggression.”

Danica and Rhian are talking about Jasmine. “My loyalties are with you. I see it,” tells Danica. Rhian replies: “I do now, I was phased.” Danica says: “Remember who the true people are.”

“I generally thought she was, she came and sat on my bed this morning! She knows on the outside she looks like a d*ck,” remarks Rhian.

Danica explains its all mind dames and Rhian feels angry. “That’s how I felt. Do not be fooled.” Danica concludes.

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