Big Brother 2012 – Day 8 – Housemates set LOL shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 8 – Housemates set LOL shopping task

Recap of day 8 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Wednesday 13 June 2012.

It’s a grey morning in the Big Brother house but today, the housemates will share their first shopping task. The housemates wake up to the song The Laughing Policeman which is being played into the house. Arron has noticed a Laughing Sailor fairground attraction in the living area and informs his housemates. Adam inspects the new addition and comments: “This is f**king crazy.” Shievonne tells some of her housemates that she has a fear of clowns. “I don’t do masks, dressed up, to me clowns are killers, God help me,” she muses as Luke S gives her a cuddle.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofas for the start of today’s task. A very special guest arrives who only has eyes for Shievonne. She screams as the costumed character hands her a laminate and proceeds to tickle her and spray her with silly string. When the character leaves through the diary room door, Shievonne reads out the task instructions for the shopping task. Housemates must not laugh for the duration of the task but Big Brother will be doing everything possible to make them laugh out loud. Housemates will incur a fail for laughing, as well as smirks, titters and mega LOLs. The task will start and finish on the sound of the sailor’s laughter.

In the diary room Shievonne tells Big Brother that she is “traumatized,” and is worried that clowns will enter the house as part of the task. Shievonne is unaware that several clowns have already entered the house and asks: “Are there any kind of clowns coming into the house?” Meanwhile in the living area, housemates are trying not to laugh as the clowns cause havoc with custard pies and bike horns. In the diary room Shievonne hears the commotion and tells Big Brother she heard a “clown horn,” and decides to stay put. Most of the housemates are covered in foam. Chris and Benedict have been pied in the face and clowns are throwing eggs across the house. “Look at the state of this place, there’s eggs everywhere, p***ks!” Chris yells.

Scott is in the hot-tub with Rebecca discussing tactics of how to stifle their giggles. Scott suggests that they laugh under the water. In the bedroom, Shievonne discusses her fear of clowns. Housemates remain straight faced but Benedict has to exit the room. He returns once Shievonne has left and explains that: “She made me laugh almost four times; I just had to walk out.” Luke S has come to the diary room and asks Big Brother if he is allowed to laugh in there. He is not. “It’s too hard, I have to keep doing press ups.”

Caroline, Sara and Lauren are in the kitchen, trying not to laugh and agree that the task is difficult. Caroline says she will think about sad films like Schindler’s List and Titanic. Sara smirks and leaves the conversation. Rebecca, Scott and Shievonne are in the garden. Rebecca guesses that they may be allowed up to 25 fails in the task. They all agree that Big Brother has done the task at the “perfect” time, “They know that people are p**sed off with each other it’s just gonna be a whirlwind,” Rebecca adds.

Big Brother has called Caroline to the diary room to test her mettle. Big Brother begins to tell her a series of jokes starting with a Knock Knock joke. Caroline realises that Big Brother is telling the ‘Interrupting Cow’ joke.“You know this is my favourite joke right. Vicar of Dibley absolute classic, I love it so much” she moans. “I genuinely don’t like this task,” she adds: “I can’t look at anyone; the only thing I can do is think about death, and sadness.”

Arron is not laughing in the diary room. Big Brother has presented him with a giant loo roll costume. Big Brother admits to being a fan of “toilet humour” and instructs Arron to put on the “bog standard” loo roll outfit. Chris is frustrated in the bedroom. He tells housemates that he is “p**sed off” as what may be his last days in the house have been ruined by the task. Ashleigh tells him that these may not be his last days. “Seriously, I know you’re just trying to be nice to me but look who I’m up against.”

Aaron squeezes though the diary room door and before entering the house calls out: “Nobody f**king laugh!” and walks into the living area. Lydia tells him that he looks nice. Arron says that he wishes he could “enjoy it.” “Me too, trust me, rolling you around in the grass would be amazing,” agrees Adam.

Scott is in the bedroom looking in the mirror and accidently laughs whilst checking his face. “For f**k sake!” shouts Chris who is lying on his bed, “No one is taking this seriously!” Rebecca explains that it was an accident and Chris says that there should be no “error for accidents.” Shievonne says that there is no need to “beat people up,” about the situation and Rebecca agrees adding: “Do we heck, there’s no need to beat anybody up.” Chris tells Rebecca that she takes “every word literally.” Chris raises his voice and tells Rebecca that he will give her an argument if she wants one, and will make her look “this big,” he says while gesticulating. “You could never make me look that big,” she says and Chris mentions that he had a problem with Scott for nominating him but also has a problem with her. “You’ve picked yourself the wrong person!” he adds and mentions that she got “involved” with a “situation that wasn’t yours” on her first night in the house. Rebecca blows a mock kisses at Chris who quips: “I find it quite attractive.” He leaves the bedroom and sarcastically says that he has an “admirer” before adding: “F**king mug!”

Big Brother has another surprise in store for Arron. In the diary room, Arron gets dressed into an emu outfit as instructed. Rebecca, Caroline and Scott are having a chat on the sofa. Rebecca tells Caroline that she wishes she had been in on the argument and tells her that Chris said that Scott was a “sheep.” She also mentions that Chris told her he would “vote for me every week.” They question Chris’ intelligence and agree that he is “incredible angry and incredibly stupid.” Arron exits the diary room and apologies to his fellow housemates adding: “I laughed once.” “I think he looks cuuuuuute, as someone sat upon an ostrich,” Scott whispers.

The next part of the weekly shopping task is a game of shock roulette. One of the housemates must spin the roulette wheel to determine which one of the housemates will be shocked. Housemates get dress in full body suits with shock pads attached to their bums. Housemates squeeze into the suites and Caroline mentions how good Ashleigh looks in the outfit. The game commences and housemates try not to crack a smile.

In the kitchen, Rebecca fails to realise that too many cooks spoil the broth as Luke A prepares to cook for his fellow housemates. As she busily takes out ingredients Luke A walks off and tells his housemates that it’s “fine” if someone else wants to cook and goes into the bedroom. Arron explains to Rebecca that Luke A had already prepped the meal and Rebecca tells him that she had not realised. Arron suggests that she explain to Luke A that she was unaware of the situation. In the bedroom Rebecca apologises to Luke A who tells her not to worry. Arron is waiting to go into the diary room.

Luke S joins Ashleigh and Scott at the table. She shows him her nails and brands them “disgusting.” Ashleigh tells Luke S “I want cuddles tonight, off you.” Luke S looks to Scott and asks: “Do you want some Scott, cuddles?” “Oh, interesting I don’t know to be honest,” Scott smirks.

Rebecca is in the diary room talking to Big Brother and says that she is “struggling” with the task adding, “I wanna laugh!” She confesses that she wanted to laugh when Chris got pied in the face, “He deserved it sooo much,” she adds. Rebecca relays the argument she had with Chris earlier and imitates him adding “He’s such an irrational person.” She admits that she never liked him since the first night, “I need some chocolate, I need some food,” she moans.

As part of today’s Laugh Out Loud task Arron has dressed up as a giant loo roll and an emu. In the diary room Big Brother instructs Arron to put on the costume provided. Arron gets into the Borat type shorts outfit. Arron mentions that the crotch is tight then leaves the diary room. Shievonne is the first to notice him and warns housemates not to acknowledge him. conor is struggling to suppress his laughter. Ashleigh repeats, “lol, lol, lol, lol, to distract herself and tells conor to do the same. Arron attempts to go into the garden but the housemates at the smoking area urge him to stay inside. Arron heads into the bedroom and tells Chris the outfit is “wedging the s**t out of me.” Chris tells him that he will get “a lot of votes now,” but Arron says that he is not bothered about votes.

For the final part of today’s shopping task Big Brother has changed the living area into Big Brother’s Comedy Club. The stage is set and housemates are sitting on the sofas, facing the stage. Big Brother has provided alcohol for the housemates while they watch three comedians who try their best to make the housemates laugh. Arron comments: “I can’t believe someone’s given Deana alcohol, what’s the point in me dressing up?” He tells her that she changes “after one beer,” and Deana takes offence. “Who are you to judge me, why did you even have to mention that? That’s so rude!” she shouts. Deana asks her fellow housemates if she has embarrassed herself while drinking alcohol in the house. They tell her that she hasn’t. The argument is defused by comedian Jeff Leach taking to the stage. He hones in on Lydia and jokes about “celebrity life” outside of the house. Lydia pre-empts him by guessing that he will mention that no-one has heard of her fiancé. Jeff moves onto Luke S and Ashleigh and asks: “Are you to actually gonna do it?” Luke S widens his mouth to stifle his laughter. “Is that the face you’re gonna pull when you finally do it,” Jeff jokes. He tells Chris that it must take “big balls” to be an enforcement officer adding: “Well not in your case.”

Next onto the stage is BGT finalist Gatis Kandis who fails to make the housemates laugh. Comedy legend Keith Harris and Orville the Duck are next up. Orville tells Keith that he likes Chris: “Cos he looks like me, and sounds like me. He could be my daddy.”

Arron is in a mood in the diary room. He removes his clothes as Big Brother quips: “Keep your knickers on won’t you?” Arron says that he is a team player but doesn’t like it if the joke is on him. In the kitchen, Lydia tells some of her housemates about her fiancé. “He’s such a normal person, he’s so talented, he’s the coolest guy ever” she beams and tells them that if he were in the house, “He’s just be chilling with us, he’s not arrogant in any way shape or form.” In the living area Rebecca asks: “Who’s Lydia ’s hubby?” Scott retorts: “She did say the name once but I didn’t actually recognise the name, so don’t get too excited.”

Chris is waxing lyrical about the task and tells his fellow housemates that he wants to remain in the house. Deana reassures him and Chris gets teary adding: “My emotions are running high” and claims that the house is “f**king changing me” as he wipes away his tears.

Caroline is in the bedroom talking to Ashleigh about today’s task. Deana and Arron are sorting out their differences. He tells her that he was out of his comfort zone being dressed up and felt the task might be ruined if she was affected by alcohol. Deana tells him that “not everything’s about you.” They hug but Deana says, “Why did you have to point it out?’ in reference to the dig about drinking.

Chris’ emotions are in check and he is now feeling good. He tells Benedict and conor that they along with Lydia , Shievonne and Adam are his closest friends. “You’re not your average porn star and you’re not the normal Irish man,” he adds.
Two other housemates are sharing something else. Ashleigh and Luke S are in the toilet and can be heard kissing before Luke S emerges.

Ashleigh and Luke S have decided to go public. Some of the housemates are in the kitchen as Ashleigh and Luke S hug. She asks him for a kiss and he hesitates asking “In front of everybody?” before giving her a quick peck on the lips. Adam and Scott are in the bedroom talking about Rebecca’s task. Adam claims that Rebecca has changed since winning immunity from nominations, and now yells at people. Scott tells him that he may have interpreted Rebecca’s behaviour differently “You think it’s serious when it’s not.” Some of the girls are in the garden talking about the boys. Ashleigh tells them that she really likes Luke S.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh gets into bed with Luke S. “Why does alcohol make you so horny?” she giggles.

Scott and Caroline are in the kitchen, almost having LOLs. He tells her that he is in his “own little world,” most of the day. Lauren is talking to Shievonne and Deana about Luke S. She says that she nominated him because it wasn’t fair that he “went around to every single girl hugging them.” She tells them that she didn’t want to look like a “d**khead” when she leaves the house. Shievonne tells them that “hug” can be taken as something else. They all remind each other that Big Brother is “a game.”

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