Big Brother 2012 – Day 63 – Ashleigh, Adam, Deana and Scott nominated for this week’s double eviction

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 63 – Ashleigh, Adam, Deana and Scott nominated for this week’s double eviction

Recap of day 63 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Tuesday 7 August 2012.


Housemates have lived in the house for 10 weeks and only this week’s nominations stand between them and the final, this will be the final time they will nominate. Luke S who won a pass to the final, will be able nominate but can’t be nominated.

With nominations on his mind, Luke A is trying to stay positive. ‘It’s not a battle anymore.’ Deana replies, ‘Oh Luke A, you’re so blind. It’s still there.’ The chef thinks, ‘There is no divide.’


Deana has found a pet name for Luke S. ‘I’m going to start calling you Charlie! Charlie can I have the golden ticket! I really want the golden ticket! I’ll buy it off you for 50k!’ Luke S isn’t too impressed and mutters, ‘That’s not my name so I’m not responding.’

Nominations begin; Ashleigh is first to nominate in the diary room. ‘Obviously it’s Deana, she’s getting more of an attitude on her and I don’t like it.

In the living area, Adam thinks, ‘There is a potential that all three of us could be up!’ Deana agrees.

Ashleigh’s second nomination is Adam, ‘He proper snapped at me and is very manipulative.’

Up next is Deana, ‘My first nomination is Ashleigh because I find her very selfish and two-faced.’

Deana’s second nomination is Scott, ‘Because he never made effort with me when Conor and Becky were here, now his friends have left he’s talking to me.’

In the bedroom, there’s a pillow fight in full swing!


Adam has something surprising to share with the house. ‘I put a bra on yesterday!’ Luke S adds, ‘Technically you put a bikini top on.’ Adam continues, ‘I needed a bigger bra!’ Ashleigh asks, ‘What size would you be?’ He replies, ‘A C cup!’ The Essex girl quips, ‘No, double D!’

Nominations continue with Scott in the diary room. ‘Adam is my first nomination. I don’t have a free flowing fun conversation with him and when I’m sat on my own with him it’s a bit uncomfortable.’ He struggles with his second nomination and picks Sara. ‘Tricky little number…It’s not good but has to be done! Oh my lord…I thought last night she hated me. No I can’t do that…’ Big Brother pushes for his second nomination.

In the living area, Adam thinks, ‘Scott is giving it to ‘em!’ Him, Luke S and Luke A all laugh.

Scott decides on his second nomination. ‘Deana, because sometimes she has upset people in the house. When she goes on about soldiers its so cringe worthy!’

Sara is the next housemate to nominate. ‘Scott, one of my best friends but I’ve seen a bitchy side to him over the past couple of days. I feel terrible for doing this.’ She continues, ‘My second nomination is Adam. I get on so well with him but some things he’s said and I don’t really get it. He wants to win.’


Ashleigh thinks she’s got her nominators sussed. ‘Deana, 100% done it to me, all them three have.’ Scott remarks, ‘Ashleigh, we can’t discuss this, we are not allowed to talk about nominations.’ She replies, ‘This I the final week do we care? I don’t.’

Next up is Adam who nominates Ashleigh. ‘She was in cahoots with Caroline to bring us all the chocolate and lied about it.’ Scott is his second nomination, ‘He’s lazy and doesn’t help clean.’
Luke A nominates, ‘Tough one this week. Ashleigh, I find her a very selfish person and her voice really grates on me.’ He continues, ‘This nomination is really tough for me as never had any issues with this person, it’s Scott, he hasn’t really helped out in the house and I find him a turncoat in the house.’

In the bedroom, Sara tells Deana, ‘I don’t ever want to do that again. It makes me so stressed!’ The beauty queen adds, ‘They are your opinions.’ The model asks, ‘Did you find it easy?’ She replies yeah.

Up next is Luke S who is immune of receiving votes himself. ‘Deana cos’ she’s doing my head in recently! We don’t have loads in common and she keeps winding me up about the other day, and my name is actually Luke not Charlie! Hmm, No thanks.’ He continues, ‘Luke A is my second nomination, I’d say I get on with more people better than Luke A. I don’t hate the fella!’

Adam, Ashleigh and Deana all have three nominations and will join Scott in facing the public vote this week. Sara was the only housemate not to receive any nominations.


For today’s task, Big Brother is about to give Scott a very secret mission that starts with a very special announcement to the house. ‘This is Big Brother! Congratulations Scott you have completed your mission, please come to the diary room!’ Ashleigh quips, ‘What the f**k?! What was your secret mission?!’ All the housemates start to speculate and a bemused looking Scott goes to the diary room where he is greeted with a bottle of champagne.

Big Brother explains, ‘Big Brother is setting you a secret mission now, in order to win a VIP party for you and your friends tonight, you must convince your fellow housemates that you have been working for Big Brother from day one.’ Scott must say that he started arguments in the house, purposefully failed tasks and generally did what Big Brother asked. His aim was to get to final week!

Scott smiles, ‘Yay! Yes Scott!’

Housemates are speculating about Scott’s secret mission. Luke S thinks, ‘He’s not brought anything up that he wouldn’t normally speak about.’

Scott re-enters the house with the bottle of champagne, ‘I passed it!’ His housemates ask to be told. He replies, ‘I’ll tell you, I’m a bit nervous as it involved some deception.’ He continues, ‘It was a task for the whole show…along the way they would call me in and tell me things to do to get to the final week. I had to try and sabotage the laughing task that’s why I was sat in the hot tub with Becs and laughing!’ All housemates listen on in amazement.

Luke A asks, ‘Do you feel better now it’s off your shoulders?’ Scott adds, ‘And more generally not join any groups.’

A confused looking Deana asks, ‘Didn’t you feel like you’re not being yourself?’ He replies, ‘Exactly, that’s why I’ve been stressed. I had no choice.’ She continues, ‘So you wanted to do it?’ Scott adds, ‘Yes, as it would help me to get to the final week.’

Deana continues to question him. ‘We don’t know the real you!’ He replies, ‘It’s still me but certain things they told me what to do.’


All of the housemates are quizzing Scott in the garden about his series long mission. He tells them he was ordered not to go into the White Room and that Big Brother told him to keep changing his hairstyle. He says ‘I had to do it’, Deana replies, ‘Well I wouldn’t have done it’.


Scott is in the pool as a storm is brewing overhead.

All the other housemates come to the diary room to tell Big Brother what they think of Scott’s task; Deana is unhappy, Ashleigh is proud of him and Sara is confused.


Big Brother thinks it’s time to reveal Scott’s secret mission to the house. ‘As you are all aware, Scott has passed his secret mission and as a result you are rewarded with a party tonight! What you don’t know is that Scott’s mission started today!’

He quips, ‘I’m a very good actor!’ Big Brother continues, ‘Scott convinced you all today that he’s been on a series long mission.’ All housemates laugh! Scott adds, ‘All the nonsense I said today was fabrication!’ Housemates congratulate him.

In the smoking area, Luke A and Adam think Scott did a good job and question whether they are too gullible.

Scott grins, ‘I’ve just been pretending all day! They made me do it for a party!’ Deana says, ‘I was thinking sh*t, what is left of Scott!’


It’s party time! However, Big Brother gets tough with the guest list. ‘The living area is now ready, however Ashleigh, Luke S and Deana all broke the rules by discussing nominations and therefore, as a result, they will not be attending tonight’s party.’

The rest of the housemates enter the living room, to find a selection of party food and drinks served by semi naked butlers!

The three banned housemates are told to return to the bedroom. Ashleigh moans, ‘This has f**king pissed me off right now!’

Scott is happy, ‘I can’t look, so embarrassed!’ Adam tells him to enjoy! Sara seems to be having a great time.

Ashleigh and Luke S look on from the garden. The Essex girl comments on one of the buff butlers, ‘He’s very stiff that one…they are all in good shape.’ Luke S replies, ‘I was in better shape than him!’

A flirtatious Sara asks one of the butlers, ‘Have you got a girlfriend!?’ Luke A asks the same butler, ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ Scott quips, ‘Stop trying to embarrass me!’ They all laugh.


Adam and Luke A come to the diary room. Luke A smiles, ‘Where’s the ladies?!’ Adam laughs, ‘There are three arse less chaps in there!’

In the living area, Sara tries to lift up the butler’s aprons, ‘He’s so hot!’ Luke A comments, ‘She’s one feisty chick!’

The three party barred housemates are still in the bedroom. Deana remarks, ‘I’m so angry! I didn’t say anything to do with nominations, this time I actually haven’t.’


After the party, housemates are brought down to earth with this week’s nominations’ results. Big Brother reveals to the house that Ashleigh, Adam, Deana and Scott are the four housemates that will face the public vote this week.

Ashleigh announces to Luke S, Sara and Luke A, ‘You three are in the final!’ Sara shouts, ‘No way?! No way! We’re in the final!!! Oh my god!’

Luke A remarks, ‘Thanks for giving me a week off guys!’


In garden, Scott announces, ‘I know I will go.’

Luke S comments, ‘This is interesting to see as Scott’s never been up.’ Luke A replies, ‘He’ll find it tough…he’ll be feeling sh*t as it’s his first time up.’


Luke S tells Ashleigh, ‘It’s our last week together! Not our last week ever…’ She laughs, ‘Cause it ain’t you nutter!’

Adam tells Luke A, ‘First time I dreamt about not making it.’ The chef quips, ‘Stop being an idiot! You’re a good person.’ He replies, ‘It’s tough though.’

Luke A continues, ‘I don’t want either of you to go, but I know you definitely won’t be going.’

In the bedroom, Deana tells Scott, ‘I’m the person who has received the most nominations! I can’t be bothered to arse lick.’ Scott replies, ‘I haven’t done that! It’s only fair that I’m up as I haven’t before. I can’t wait for the night and listen to the crowd and hear what they’re chanting!’

The beauty queen admits, ‘I don’t think I’ll be staying to the final honestly.’ He replies, ‘Hmm…after being saved all these times, I think you’ve got many supporters.’ She concludes, ‘I think it’s more to do with the person who you’re up against. I don’t actually think I’ve got supporters really. Que sera sera!’

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