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BBC One: The Voice UK 2012 – Interview with Danny O’Donoghue

As lead vocalist and songwriter for the hit Irish rock group The Script, Danny’s had 2 UK number 1 albums, played to sold-old stadium tours alongside U2 and Paul McCartney, and has cracked the U.S. Market.

When you were asked to be a coach on The Voice, what was your reaction?
Huge excitement. I have always been a massive fan of the American show. I fell in love with the format and the fact that the coaches cannot see the people singing. So many of my friends would have liked to have gone on a singing talent TV show in the past, but they didn’t for fear of being ridiculed. It is fantastic that The Voice UK is all about finding fantastic singers.

Have you been blown away or disappointed by the talent?
I can tell you now – and you can quote me on this – that even on the first day of auditions, the talent on it beat any final I have ever seen on a talent contest. The standard was just incredible.

What have you been looking for as a coach?
I wanted to look for someone who had an emotional voice and right from the start, my game plan was to press the buzzer if I felt a person had a strong voice – as I knew they wouldn’t always pick me to be their coach. I am so pleased with the team I have ended up with.

What can your team expect from you as a coach?
Well I have been told I am the most organised out of all four coaches! Look, I have been in the music business since I was 16. I know exactly what it is like and I can give them so much help and advice on what to do and look out for.

Is there plenty of banter between the coaches?
It depends on how you define banter! We have had quite a few heated moments on the show, which will be there for all to see! I really get on with Tom and we sit next to each other on the panel; Will is awesome and Jessie J is so nice.

Your band has been very successful. But have there been times on the panel when you found it hard competing with someone like the legendary Tom Jones?!
I would be stupid if I said I was the most famous person up there on the panel. You have three of the most famous people in the world – and me. I am the underdog, for sure, but I really do not mind this.

What do the rest of your band think about you being a coach on The Voice?
They were so excited. They are massive fans of the show too. Yes this year is going to be jam-packed as we are also recording our third album. But what I love is the fact that 2012 is all about music. I wouldn’t like to be on a TV show that was talking about something like gardening, for instance. I want to give The Voice everything – and I have to say that I really am enjoying every aspect of the show so far.

And finally, let’s not forget this is a competition! What would you say to your fellow coaches?!
Bring it on! Never ever underestimate me!

The Voice UK begins tonight on BBC One and BBC One HD from 7pm.

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