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Sky Sports News goes Pay-only TV

Sky has announced that Sky Sports News, the UK’s only dedicate sports news channel is to be removed from Freeview later this year.

The then exclusive pay-TV channel will be available to Sky, Virgin Media and Talk Talk TV customers, as well as online and on mobile.

Sky currently has three channels on the Freeview service. Sky News, Sky Sports News and Sky Three. The Sky Sports News slot will become a timeshift channel of Sky Three(+1).

Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said: ?Sky Sports News has been a great success over the last 12 years and we have big ambitions to make it even better. As part of a subscription service, customers can look forward to expanded coverage.?

Sky also announced Sky Sports News HD will launch later this year.

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Updated: Thursday 17 June 2010

  • Gareth Austin

    I can understand why the dedicated sports channels have to be paid for to watch, but why the sport news channel? It’s not as if it shows live sport and it basically repeats every hour. It’s handy but not essential, so would I pay for it – No! This sounds like Sky just trying to squeeze more juice out of the orange which is why I’ve never bothered with them. I managed quite nicely without Sky Sports News before I got Freeview and I’ll manage quite nicely without it once it goes. Though I will miss Charlotte Jackson!


    No,no,no,no,no.Does bskyb no there’s a recession on??

  • imran

    sky sports news wll be free for 6 months after it ends on freeview then its only available to the people who subscribe to news and events on sky.

  • Forza Italia

    At the end of the day if this means more quality programes and news reports then so be it. Bedises why should people get this channel for free when hard working people are paying for subscriptions.