NFL 2023 – Week 10, Germany Game – Live TV Coverage on Sky Sports, Channel 5

NFL 2023 – Week 10, Germany Game – Live TV Coverage on Sky Sports, Channel 5

Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season takes place this weekend with six games live on Sky Sports NFL.

It starts with the Thursday Night Football between Panthers and Bears from 1.15am.

The second game from Germany this season kicks-off Sunday’s coverage as Colts take on Patriots at the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium from 2.30pm.

49ers @ Jaguars is the 6pm game, while Lions visit the Chargers from 9.05pm.

The Sunday Night Football takes place in Las Vegas as the Raiders welcome the New York Jets at 1.20am.

And, the final game of the weekend, which will also be shown live on Channel 5, sees the Broncos @ the Bills from 1.15am.

Week 10 – NFL 2023 TV Schedule

Thursday 9th November

Panthers @ Bears
Sky Sports NFL, 1.15am
Amazon Prime, 8.15pm ET
Comms: Al Michaels, Kirk Herbstreit
Ref: Clete Blakeman

Sunday 12th November

Colts @ Patriots
Sky Sports NFL, 2.30pm
NFL Network, 9.30am ET
Comms: Rich Eisen, Jason McCourty
Ref: Tra Blake

49ers @ Jaguars
Sky Sports NFL, 6.00pm
Fox, 1.00pm ET
Comms: Joe Davis, Daryl Johnston
Ref: Brad Allen

Lions @ Chargers
Sky Sports NFL, 9.05pm
CBS, 4.25pm ET
Comms: Jim Nantz, Tony Romo

Jets @ Raiders
Sky Sports NFL, 1.20am
NBC, 8.20pm ET
Comms: Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth
Ref: Shawn Hochuli

Monday 13th November
Sky Sports NFL, 1.15am
Channel 5, 1.15am
ESPN/ABC, 8.15pm ET
Comms: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman
Ref: Bill Vinovich

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