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GMTV Relaunches Monday

This Monday, GMTV will be relaunching with a brand new set and on-air look, So what can we expect.

A full set of new graphics with brand new titles, wipes and stings, in particular a new news sting.

A New studio but a familiar feel to it with the red sofa and backdrop but a new red sofa and new London based backdrop.

The music will remain the same for the time being.

Programmes names have been dropped except for Lorraine Kelly. So it’ll be ‘GMTV’ between 6 & 8.30 and ‘GMTV With Lorraine’ from 8.30 – 9.25.

Lorraine will present from the main sofa area; thus the whole programme will come from the main red sofa.

GMTV News will have a new dedicated set, it won’t be chromakeyed anymore.

New weather graphics too.

Emma Crosby’s first show is Thursday, Kirsty McCabe’s first show will be a week Monday.

The current set is being removed after Friday morning’s programme.

New set and on-air look, this Monday 5th January 2009 at 6am.

Updated: Wednesday 31 December 2008

16:17PM 08-01-2009 EDIT: It seems the videos are for private viewing only now. Was this supposed to be the new GMTV theme music? (Thanks to Henry, who found this video GMTV Relaunches Monday) ..With Lorraine Kelly:

  • Henry

    why is the music still he same ? If there’s one thing thing to be changed it had to be the music !

  • They are changing the theme, just not in time for the relaunch.

    Monday’s Episode at least, will be using the current theme (music).

  • Henry

    Can’t wait till the new music is finished. Hopefully it isn’t that overdone American-orchestral stuff they are using now. Really bad when you re-style the whole thing and the music is on hold… strange…

  • MDT

    Final mix of the main theme is now finished according to my RELIABLE sources so all go for Monday. Can’t wait for it to actually come on air. It has needed this sort of revamp for a long time and now it has it. Should be really exciting!

  • henry

    Nice new look! But that old music!?! What’s happening? Def. Needs the new music. When is it finished?

  • MDT

    Well i must give my humble apologies that the new music was not here today. I recieved info today that the music was ditched at the last minute but MAY come back after Easter. I think GMTV looks great though!

  • I’m not sure the theme music is that far away. I think it’ll be delayed by weeks rather than months.

  • Henry

    Who’s in charge of this ?
    I want to hear the ” ditched” music…
    You can see the titles aren’t working with that 1993-sounding music. Sorry I’m bothering you with this music-thing but I think there’s some bad management over there. (BBC is laughing at this moment I suppose…)

  • Ian

    GMTV looks much better but I think they could be miles better the graphics, i am a graphic designer and I think if you had better graphics with the same logo, maybe it would work, and where is the new weather graphics ?

  • Henry

    I think I found the real music for GMTV! Strange they ditched it… I think there’s something going wrong at GMTV, again bad management… So here’s the real music composed for the new idents :

  • James

    hey im new to this forum. is there any way i can access this theme music. would love to hear it. James

  • GMTV churns out tabloid breakfast TV. Unpretentious cosy, dressing gown & slippers style TV. Presenters are easy-going, friendly and informal but not very challenging. Clearly popular with the great British public of middle England. It obviously keeps the advertising bucks rolling in. I prefer the Today prog on Radio 4. My ears work more efficiently than my eyes in the morning. Thank goodness I have a choice of senses – and media!

  • Loggie

    So how can I find the new GMTV music? That link to vimeo says something about it is a private video and I can’t get into it.

  • Annette

    I and all my family think the new set is truly awful, it is harsh with all the bright orange etc and none of the presenters look comfortable with it, the cameras seem to be so close up to them now too, so you seem to see mostly a big head and shoulders etc now.

    This is one change not for the better.

  • john Hellier

    I still miss TV-am!