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Charlotte Hawkins Weds

Charlotte Hawkins has married her boyfriend of Five years.

The lucky man, Mark Herbert, tied the knot with the Sky News presenter over the August bank holiday weekend.

Charlotte Herbert will return to Sunrise in a few weeks time.


Updated: Tuesday 26 August 2008

  • Anonymous

    Whens the divorce hey charlotte

  • oloya peter

    If Shallote was a type of food i would eat it only for the rest of…..hey where is the restaurant.
    lucky MAARRK!

  • Shokamo

    Congratulations on your wedding! My view of Charlotte Hawkins is that she is the Liz Cho of Sky News! I hope to see her in more of an Anchor Role soon. Very prompt and professional on Anchoring in the News and she always seems to ask the right questions during live reporting. The best part of watching Charlotte is when something comes across as a little to good to be true, she likes to reward all of us with that ‘Crystal Waters’ smirk that comes out the corner of her mouth. Just shows all of us that she’s a regular chick. I wish her lots of good luck and fortune in her career and marriage. Mrs. Herbert please stand up and take a bow.

  • Smudge

    Well I switch over when she comes on! reasonably nice to look at but the way she speaks and presents the news is quite frankly awful…overpaid and very over-rated.
    I suppose Herbert has money though, I hope she enjoys it!

  • Bob Edmunds

    What a pleasure it is to hear a news presenter speak clear, concise English! The other
    channel where this occurs is NDTV ch 511. Well done Charlotte; you’re much better to look at in the morning than the BBC lot and , dare I say it, E Holmes!!

  • Gordon Berry BA

    Dear Charlotte,

    I am very impressed with your presentation. Pity that you have to enunciate so clearly for

    viewers who have to lip read. Keep it up. I watch you with very great admiration.

  • Gordon Berry BA

    All the very best

    Gordon berry

  • christopher antoniou

    Charlotte makes me happy, I can only envisage form someone I dont know that she is a happy person and that brings it through the screen when I see he rin th emornings even if it is only 5 min before I have to rush off at 630am…….

    I wish you well in your marriage.

  • Gordon Berry BA

    Dear Sky News team,
    A follow-up to my e-mails in May . My congratulations to you all -without exception news-readers, analysts, journalists,reporters. Excellent! And I wouldn’t miss Eamonn and John Gaunt for the world – it starts my day off with a smile. I have lived and taught here for 40
    years and 90% of my viewing time is with Sky.
    Thanks and keep it up.