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Channel 4 Axes News Programmes

News at Noon and More4 News

Channel 4 is axing News at Noon and More4 News at the end of the year.

The cost-cutting move will lead to the lost of up to 20 jobs.

Channel 4 News’ Technology correspondent, Benjamin Cohen broke the news just before 2pm on twitter saying “Grim staff meeting. News at Noon and More4 News cancelled. Wonder how it will be reflected on-screen tonight.”

A spokesman for the network said: “Channel 4 has agreed a revised news deal with ITN with a view to preserving the reach and impact of Channel 4 News, by concentrating resources around the peak bulletin, while increasing the range and quality of news content available digitally.

“Under the terms of the revised deal, Channel 4 will continue to broadcast the same number of hours of news in peak. In addition, Channel 4 is investing extra resources in news online to create an improved political news service.

“In order to afford this investment at a time when the advertising downturn is forcing Channel 4 to cut its programme budget, we need to find efficiencies elsewhere in our news budget and have decided to cut More4 news and News at Noon, although we do intend to offer a short summary bulletin at lunchtime.

“We have tried to minimise the impact of these savings on viewers while preserving the quality and integrity of our widely acclaimed evening programme in the face of severe financial pressures.

“These changes come against a backdrop of a severe economic slowdown. We are endeavouring to maximise efficiencies whilst maintaining quality and have had to make the tough but necessary decision to prioritise and protect our award-winning news service.”

Updated: Wednesday 5 August 2009

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  • Trev Butler

    Channel 4 News? EX technology correspondent by now, perhaps?

  • Clive

    Do we really need these minor news programs when we have BBC 24,Sky news and the other 24/7 dedicated news channels these days?.

  • Smudge

    No great loss there then…

  • no news is good news

    No-one watches Channel 4 news anyway!

  • Jonny B

    We do need Channel 4 news – it is one of the few news programmes left, along with Newsnight, that has time to think about what it is reporting on, rather than throwing on whatever is available at short notice.

  • Simon C

    Channel 4 News is most definitely needed. Its analysis of the News is what makes it good. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it knocks BBC News and most definitely Sky News (SunTV) into a cocked hat. The decision to get rid of News at Noon is pathetic; that said, nost broadcasters these days seem to be run by idiots these days, so perhaps it’s no surprise. Anything that’s good gets trampled in favour of the accountants.