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GMTV Editor Martin Frizell Replaced

Updated: Thursday 10 December 2009

GMTV Editor Martin Frizell has been replaced by ITV Studios Head of Daytime, Sue Walton on an interim basis.

After 10 years as the editor of GMTV, Martin Frizell decided to step down saying: ?I?ve had a blast but it feels like this is a natural time to move on. We have achieved all that we set out to do, have won awards and made the sofa the institution that it has become.

?I wish Sue Walton all the very best. She inherits an amazing team. In front of the cameras, we have grown some of the best presenting talent in British television and behind the scenes GMTV has producers and journalists who are second to none.?

Neil Thompson, currently Regional Director for ITV Yorkshire, ITV Anglia, ITV Tyne Tees and ITV Border, has been appointed as Managing Editor of GMTV taking over from Peter McHugh, who announced he was stepping down as GMTV Director of Programmes earlier this year.

Thompson will take on Peter McHugh?s responsibilities for GMTV editorial and programming with a broader remit overseeing the ongoing review process.

6 thoughts on "GMTV Editor Martin Frizell Replaced"

  1. Pete19 says:

    Its begun! The big GMTV clear out by ITV plc!

  2. adam shaw says:

    It’s about bl**dy time

  3. The Hack says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke!!!! Anyone who had the misfortune of working with this idiot – who goodness knows how he got a management job when he has no man management skills whatsoever – will feel this is the best Christmas present ever. Bitter, moi? Too right. I’ll be celebrating his demise with a toast to him sinking even further down the greasy pole. Hip hip hooray, Frizzell has finally bitten the dust.

  4. Michael says:

    The axe will fall,,,,,, suggestion could be to work out why GMTV brings in a newsreader for the first hour then swaps to Penny Smith, Why do they have 2 lots of presenters and Lorraine Kelly??????? Will they become more news rather than showbiz and giggly?????

  5. jean says:

    Please please why have you put Claire Sweeny on loose women I love watching that show but I didnt like her on Fridays show please dont make her a regular. Ruth is good choice.

  6. spiritburner says:

    keep penny and john, the rest are rubbish and need to go, it went downhill when they kept swapping the presenters in and out every day, no continuity.

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