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Relaunch Ideas

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  • Icurite

    With the rumours of a relaunch of Sky News Australia with the opening of the news studio at the end of this year, I’ve come up with how I think they should relaunch in 2006. I’ve already posted this at MediaSpy as well.

    1. Break all programmes into 10 minute sections. Headlines could be every 10 minutes and very brief, with full headlines every half hour. 10 minutes of top news on the hour and 5 minutes of top stories on the half hour.

    2. Have consistent roster of presenters. Have two presenters for 6AM-9AM, 12PM-1PM, 5PM-7:30PM and 10:30PM-1AM weekdays working 5 days a week. Have a spare presenter pair available on call.

    3. Have video phones for all reporters and for affiliates where regular crosses are made. Have more crosses to radio reporters for domestic issues. Have live crosses and interviews for 6AM-9AM, 12PM-1PM, 5PM-7:30PM and 10:30PM-1AM.

    4. Make sure any news covered on hourly radio news on affiliate stations in Australia and New Zealand are considered for inclusion. Actually report on breaking news. Get the facts right and do some decent research.

    5. Of course, introduce a proper news and weather ticker at the bottom of the screen and scrap the weather ticker completely. Get more professional-looking graphics (they will no doubt go with whatever Sky News UK come up with for their relaunch). Stop the CAPITAL OVERLOAD and avoid all the spelling and grammar mistakes that pop up in the graphics (I’m sure I could have made a few in this post, but this isn’t appearing on a 24 hour news channel).

    6AM First Edition
    7AM First Edition
    8AM First Edition

    9AM Sky NewsDay
    10AM Sky NewsDay
    11AM Sky NewsDay
    Rolling hour bulletins divided into 10 minutes sections.
    eg. 9AM Top Stories, 9:10 Business, 9:20 More News, 9:30 Top Stories and More News, 9:40 Sportsline UK, 9:50 Showbiz and Weather, etc. Sections could include CBS Evening News, ABC World News, Sky News UK, Best of programmes, Lifestyle programme, etc.

    9:00 News, 9:10 Sports programme – extended version of Sportsline Australia Morning Edition
    10:00 News, 10:10 Week in review programme – merge Australia News Week, New Zealand News Week and world news of the week
    11:00 News, 11:10 Williams Upfront – original Sky News programme and with some fairly high-profile New Zealand guests

    9:00 News, 9:10 Sports programme – extended version of Sportsline Australia Morning Edition
    10:00 News, 10:10 Business week programme – SBR’s weekly review, positioned strageically as a build-up to Business Sunday
    11:00 News, 11:10 Business Sunday – currently has rights to

    12PM Sky News Live – full hour of news every day

    1PM Sky NewsDay
    2PM Sky NewsDay
    3PM Sky NewsDay
    4PM Sky NewsDay

    1:00 News, 1:10 Best of Close Up, 11:35 Best of Holmes
    2:00 News, 2:10 Best of A Current Affair, 2:35 Best of Today Tonight
    3:00 News, 3:10 20/20 from previous week
    4.00 News, 4:10 PrimeTime from previous week

    1:00 News, 1:10 Sunday
    2:00 News, 2:10 Sunday
    3:00 News, 3:10 Sunday Sunrise
    4:00 News, 4:00 Lifestyle programme

    Australia only, scrap New Zealand news and weather
    5PM Sky Evening News
    6PM Showbiz – Showbiz week in review programme on weekends
    6:30 Sky Evening News
    Evening poll introduced at 5PM. Live crosses to reporters and live interviews; promos for the three evening programmess.

    New Zealand – actually 7PM-9:30:
    5PM Prime News?
    5:30 Monday – Holmes and Best of Close Up
    5:30 Tuesday – Holmes and Best of Holmes
    5:30 Wednesday – Holmes and Williams Upfront
    5:30 Thursday – Holmes and Williams Upfront
    5:30 Friday – Holmes and New Zealand News Week
    5:30 Saturday – Agenda?
    5:30 Sunday – 60 Minutes from previous week?
    6:30 3 News
    7:30 Rejoin SNA for main three hours of programming


    The three evening programmes would need three constant presenters, each of whom become part of their show and all the advertising for the show. The presenters must present the show on almost all days. During holidays content of shows may be repeated. Shows may source both from Sky News and from affiliate sources.
    –:30 Opener and introduction
    –:31 News
    –:35 Section 1
    –:41 Break
    –:42 Section 2
    –:50 Break
    –:51 Section 3
    –:59 Break
    –:00 News
    –:10 Break
    –:11 Section 4
    –:20 Break
    –:21 Section 5

    7:30 Current affairs programme – Australian Agenda? – merging current and former programmes Australian Agenda, In the First Person, Willesee Across Australia, Mitchell, etc. – current affairs reports, interviews, political analysis – focus on domestic issues – brief coverage of top stories in each state and NZ – Terry Willessee?

    8:30 Business programme – Business Tonight? – Revamp SBR, introduce with summary of the markets with live cross to stock broker, include investigative reports from overseas sources, inlcude commentary from News Limited newspapers,

    9:30 Later, lighter news programme – Sky News Tonight? – more focus on world issues, some on domestic issues, coverage of literature/showbiz/etc., more off-topic news, more humour – possibly satire spots, commentary spots, tommorow’s papers, some content from ABC Nightline

    7:30 Lifestyle programme – merging of Health News, The Book Show – presented by Nicole Webb, who is quite good at that kind of programme
    8:30 PrimeTime – generally more “entertaining” news programme – suitable for Saturday night
    9:30 Sports programme – extended version of the current Sportsline Australia Evening Edition

    7:30 Week in review programme – see note above, hard to compete against 60 Minutes
    8:30 20/20 – current affairs suitable for Sunday night
    9:30 Sports programme – see note above


    10:30 Sky Evening News
    11:30 Showbiz – repeat
    12:00 Sky Evening News

    Updates on stories from 5PM and 6:30 PM. Live or repeated crosses to reporters and interviews; promos for the three repeated evening programmes. Poll closes at midnight with final result during the final Sky Evening News.

    Have Australia hourly news if viable, possibly on weekday mornings. Otherwise broadcast first ten minutes of hourly news from London.

    1:00 News, 1:10 Business programme repeat, Sports programme repeat weekends
    2:00 News, 2:10 Later news programme repeat, PrimeTime/2020 repeat weekends
    3:00 News, 3:10 Current affairs programme repeat, Lifestyle/week in review programme repeat weekends
    4:00 News, 4:10 ABC World News Tonight, 4:25 CBS Evening News
    5:00 News

    Any comments?
    How else could it be relaunched?

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    Forum Member

    Like it alot, proper rolling news!!!

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    I dont like the idea of every 10minutes – that might make it more dull than the current every 15minute idea.

    I think headlines every 15minutes.
    First Edition:

    These bulletins would be called first edition, and have the following format:
    :00 top stories
    :15 coming up
    :17 return from break with headlines – no open style thing, just cut to presenters
    :18 cross to finance reporter at desk, who does finance news/analysis
    :23 Further news
    :26 Weather (with weather presenter)
    :28 “coming up”
    :30 top stories
    :40 – finance
    :45 ad/headlines
    :47 sport
    :55 weather
    :57 fluff
    :58 ad

    The 9:30 bulletin would of course be a shorten version

    9:30 am
    Sky Business Morning
    Follows the opening of the Australian market, as well as Asian movements and worldwide business news
    Sky News On the Hour
    same format as now
    CBS Evening News
    News on the Hour
    Health News
    Sky News Midday
    90minute long program (refer to top of post)

    Sky UK *LIVE*

    Sky News Update


    Sky News on the Hour
    ABC World News Tonight
    Sky News on the Hour
    Sky World News
    Live at Five
    Hour long program

    Sky News UK *LIVE*

    Evening News
    This would follow the design of Sky News Today (UK)
    Sky Business Now
    essentially the same as morning program, but wrap up the day

    9:30 Headlines

    9:35 Agenda (lateline style program)

    A Current Affair/TT (15mins each)

    11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am News on the Hour

    :30 various programs

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    These bulletins would be called first edition, and have the following format:

    In the ideal world the news at the half hour would be shorter, updated from the start of the hour and there would be more interviews and live crosses. If the finance reports are anything like they are now, it seems a bit much to subject viewers to two repeats of it each hour. :unsure: If they improve the finance report quality, have the finance report in the news studio, have light conversation between the finance presenter and the announcer, etc. then your First Edition schedule would be great.

    5pm Live at Five – 6pm-7pm Sky News UK *LIVE* – 7-9pm Evening News – 9pm Sky Business Now essentially the same as morning program, but wrap up the day – 9:30 Headlines – 9:35 Agenda (lateline style program) 10pm News – 10:30 A Current Affair/TT (15mins each)

    Hmm… nice schedule. The reason I’d go with a personality-based evening news schedule instead is because that seems to be a more marketable product. Other news channels have secured ratings by adopting 5 one-hour constant-presenter news programmes.

    9:30 am Sky Business Morning – 10am Sky News On the Hour – 10:30am CBS Evening News – 11am News on the Hour – 11:30 Health News – 12:00 Sky News Midday – 1:30 Sky UK *LIVE* – 1:55 Sky News Update – 2pm: Parliament – 3pm Sky News on the Hour – 3:30 ABC World News Tonight – 4pm Sky News on the Hour – 4:30 Sky World News

    I would divide the programming into 10 minutes gaps so that there would be more content blocks, it would be easier to change programming, it would be easier to interupt programming, it would be easier to start breaking news specials, it would be easier for Sky News New Zealand to rejoin Sky News Australia after exclusive live parliamentary coverage and other programming, etc. During the day updates every 10 minutes would allow those watching for short periods (such as in airport lounges or waiting rooms) to get news quickly and for Sky News to break news during the day as it happens (not something they do now), but those watching for the entire eight hours to get something fairly different every 10 minutes.

    I would extend First Edition to 10AM and theme the 9AM-10AM hour so that the programming block could be marketed more as a single ongoing programme. I would put ABC World News Tonight on in the morning when it is still current. I would put the Best Of programmes at 3:30 and move Sky News to 2:30; Parliamentary coverage isn’t a constant programme.

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    We know that the SNUK relaunch will occur sometime around sept 12, does anyone know when the SNA relaunch will occur?

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    Isn’t it supposed to be over the new year? That would be the tidiest way to go about it, certainly.

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    I guess they’ll move when North Ryde is ready. The original plan was September, then October – now its “late 2005”.
    Seeing things are going to be late in the year, I’d say New Years Day 6am is the best bet now – every other relaunch at Sky News Australia has occured then.

    It sure will be interesting to see how the set works. There wont be a newswall as there will in London, as Sky Australia probably dont have; the money for it, the staff to run it and the expertise for one.
    I believe it’ll be an open news room – probably similar to that of Ten Sydney/Perth.
    Hopefully they use forsight and build the set to seat 4 presenters.

    BTW, Seven Sydney sports reporter, Paul Greg has moved to Sky joining the sports team, so we’ll probably see a sports presenter on every shift.

    Also, Sky now have co-anchored news on weekend morning and evenings, with finally every presenter working 5 days a week, bar John Mangos. Although the inconsistent roster remains – ie the evening shift has 3 different teams each week:
    Mangos & Latimore (Sun-Wed)
    Hatcher and Latimore (Thurs)
    Hatcher and Tynan (Fri-Sat)

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    Has it been confirmed that the relaunch will include a format change to 16:9?

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    Wouldnt have a clue. Good question!
    I assume if bSkyB is going widescreen, maybe SNA might too – who knows.

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    There has been wispers that Foxtel/Austar have run out of bandwidth on the C1 satellite haulting any new channels/improvements. I do hope SNA goes widescreen, when SUK does they will have a heap of 16:9 content to go with.

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    Well if they’re out of bandwidth we wont be seeing widescreen until Foxtel does something about that.

    Former Network Ten newsreader, Celina Edmonds, who up until June hosted the networks 5pm Perth edition and filled in on the national late evening news is now working for Sky News Australia.

    Another big name former network presenter has joined the ranks.
    Paul Greg -> Seven Sydney
    Garry Wilkinson -> Seven Sydney (Freelance)
    Tina Altieri -> STW 9 Perth (casual)
    Jacinta Tynan -> ABC Asia Pacific News, ABC News (Domestic), ABC News Victoria, ABC News NSW.

    Sky now have a really good team – theyve got some excellent talent that they’ve groomed themselves (Latimore, McKenzie, Trezise, Michael Willesee Jnr) plus theyve got a good bunch of credible presenters from the 80s/early 90s who joined SKy from day 1 -> Gatfield, Mangos, Kininmonth, Hatcher.

    One thing I would like to see 2006 is consistent shifts.
    It is quite annoying how theyre are 3 presenter lineups for the evening shifts.
    Same with the afternoon.

    I would also like to see a BskyB inspired “Sky News Today” but that may be difficult without a newswall.

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