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Kay Burley to interview Beckham's bit on the side

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  • Kev667

    Sky trumps rivals with Beckham bid

    Claire Cozens

    Tuesday April 13, 2004

    Deal: Rebecca Loos (left) has already made ?300,000 from News of the World

    Sky One today denied it was paying up to ?500,000 for an exclusive television interview with Rebecca Loos, the woman at the centre of the David Beckham allegations, after beating competition from ITV’s high-profile Tonight with Trevor McDonald show.

    But it confirmed it is paying “a six figure sum”, believed up to be around ?250,000 for the deal which was agreed yesterday.

    Sky news presenter Kay Burley will conduct what the channel is billing as a “warts-and-all” grilling of Beckham’s former personal assistant, who claims she conducted an affair with the England captain last year.

    The deal is a coup for Sky One, which beat dozens of broadcasters to the interview with Ms Loos.

    The hour-long special programme, Rebecca Loos: My Story, will be broadcast at 10pm on Thursday.


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    Oh how I wish I were young, posh and nubile. I could certainly use 500k ++ right now – how about you?

    Joking apart, what a monster yawn. Will you watch this Vamp vs Vamp nonsense?!

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    Joking apart, what a monster yawn. Will you watch this Vamp vs Vamp nonsense?!

    You bet. Kay Burley on my TV? To miss that would be silly! So yeah, I’ll watch it. It might be tabloid pap material, but it should be entertaining enough. – Some people like that sort of thing you know! (Although I’m sure that the best bits will make it on to Sky News anyway, once the programme has been aired on Sky One.)

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    Wouldn’t even give Loos ?25, this is a put up story for that media talentless skelton who is married to Becks just to keep her in the news!!, she will always go down as the woman who finished his Man Utd career and hated by 67,000 fans..

    Watch the news in the next few days of her 30th birthday and news of a new baby due Oct/Nov when Becks will be back in England..

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    As usual sky pushes its snout into the grubby trough – but who better to host this rubbish than burley herself. thank god i have now got bbc digital and no longer have to watch this. another point what happened to littlejohn? is it safe to go back to sky news now or are we going to subject to Mr bigot again?

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    How can this vamp be called Loos? Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

    Littlejohn’s gone? Noooo, this is too good to be true. He must be on holiday. They could send him to report from Baghdad though, what do you think?

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    a thought just crossed my mind – is it that people outside the uk detest littlejohn while people inside uk tolerate/like him?

    i live outside the uk and am embarrassed that this program is beamed into europe with its rabid anti foreigner bias and also anti labour bias. some of my friends think that he represents “england” and some think he is the stereotype ” little englander” – i gringe to think what other europeans think of us.

    I also could not believe that a survey of british mp’s found that sky was less biased than the BBC – come on – sky is biased clearly to the right and is the news of the world of television –

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    a thought just crossed my mind – is it that people outside the uk detest littlejohn while people inside uk tolerate/like him?

    I dunno, I live outside the UK and quite like Richard Littlejohn. (I know a lot of people in London & Essex that think and speak exactly like him!) I don’t believe that he respresents ‘England’ for one moment. But he can speak a lot of sense at times and occasionally ruffle a few feathers that need to be given a bit of a shake-up!

    I also could not believe that a survey of british mp’s found that sky was less biased than the BBC – come on – sky is biased clearly to the right and is the news of the world of television

    All news media is biasd in one way or the other. I know it’s a generalisation, but The BBC tends to lean one way, Sky News tends to lean the other. I think the normal tabloid comparison is; BBC News = Daily Mirror, Sky News = The Sun! The recent survey of British MP’s that you mention was probably done while the BBC was in the dog house re the Andrew Gilligan/Hutton Report aggro between the UK Government and the BBC. But never believe that any news media is unbiased, as they all put their own spin on to certain events.

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    Well, I didnt think this tabloid post would turn into quite a deep discussion about the Uk’s relationship with europe, littlejohn’s prejudices, media bias leanings & institutional battles.. ..but there ya go!

    IMO, I cant stand Littlejohn – i havent had any time for him since he wrote an article about iraq/saddam/uk/us/un/sanctions/etc in the sun a couple of years ago – i was incensed enough with his blatant lies to write an angry email. It made me feel better but he probably didnt care a s…

    I always turn over at 7pm anyway for C4 News.

    But Littlejohn aside, the way Sky News conducts itself, especially during the war, Kelly affair & Hutton has been really quite straight. The overall gist has a right wing imbalance, but the daily content always tries to be fair & reasonable.. they always have interviews with people from two sides of an argument and mostly, those being interviewed always get the same treatment – for example, if a leading pro-war neocon was on, the presenter will always grill them from the opposite POV – Tony Benn’s, maybe.. if Tony Benn was on, he’d be asked questions from the other POV. works pretty well, I think – and I’ve seen George Galloway inteviewed by Kay and she really wound him up with her questions – she had to withdraw what she said.. I think the same with Mark in the daytime, he had to explicitly say Sky News, or himself, was not accusing Galloway of something, but rather, it was the accusation being levelled at him..

    that’s why dont mind sky’s coverage, they dont take a ‘line’ from anyone but as i say, the overall gist is consistent with murdoch & his views

    It’s nothing compared to Fox.. I turn over sometimes just to see how blatant they are.. i cant watch long as it annoys me too much and the cat gets scared when i shout at the tv.

    That’s not to say Sky havent wound me up sometimes.. breaking away from PMQ’s to cover a conviction quashing at the high court is not good form.

    ..with regards to Kay, she’s great and I wanted to tell her live on air.. I considered popping into Kingston (at the time of fire strikes they were live outside union HQ in kingston) – and telling her so – somehow.. probably take a banner and stand behind the correspondant.. ‘i love you kay’ ..or something… !

    and regarding the papers.. i was reminded of this from yes, minister. enjoy. ..kev.

    Jim Hacker: “Don’t tell me about the press. I know exactly who reads the papers:

    – The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country;

    – The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country;

    – The Times is read by people who actually do run the country;

    – The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country;

    – The Financial Times is read by people who own the country;

    – The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country;

    – And the Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.”

    Sir Humphrey: “Prime Minister, what about the people who read the Sun?”

    Bernard Woolley: “Sun readers don’t care who runs the country, as long as she’s got big tits.”

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    Kay Burley did a piece in The Sun today:

    VIEWERS will be surprised by Rebecca ? but not as shocked as poor Posh.  

    If David and Victoria watch the interview he will be sleeping in the shed by the end of it.  

    I wasn?t prepared to warm to Rebecca easily. But she is very charming ? and disarming.  

    She was warm and struck me as being a very together girl.  

    I thought she felt she had been very hurt and betrayed by Beckham. Her composure cracked when I asked her how she felt about him.  

    She paused as if to hold back her emotions. Rebecca never admitted she was in love with him but said he made her feel like a million dollars.  

    She didn?t shed a tear or let her guard slip for a moment. She sipped lots of water and seemed quite fragile.  

    Rebecca seems very elegant, carries herself terribly well and has that southern European tan.  

    There were no airs and graces, but she is obviously very well bred. I asked why Beckham was attracted to her but you can see why. She is posher than Posh. Do I believe her? She certainly went into minute detail about things.  

    Rebecca also tells how he was once texting her while she was walking around a museum with her parents and it was so explicit and she was so aroused that she had to go to the ladies.  

    She talks about her bisexuality and how Beckham felt about it. She was very open with him. Rebecca also admits she still has Posh?s hairclip, the one she says she used after they had sex.  

    She wanted to give it back but Beckham wasn?t sure whose it was so didn?t want it in the house. I did ask her if she was trying to entrap Beckham with text messages and it was a moneymaking scheme. She denies that.  

    Viewers will have read her story but when you see the woman herself sitting there and making her allegations time and time again, it really hits home.  

    The chickens have come home to roost for Beckham now and I actually feel quite sorry for him, given the explosive nature of what she has said.  

    He?ll have a lot of explaining to do.

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    Eagleeye, i won’t be watching tonight. My life is complicated enough and besides i have nilch interest in their personal lives. It’s a bit like a real life soap opera really don’t ya think.

    Kev, the last paragraph of your last post just about sums it up.

    I would have used the ‘quote’ but i haven’t sussed out how it works yet . Maybe johnnie will send me instructions if i ask him very very nicely


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