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Is Sky Information Always Reliable ?

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  • Wolverine

    :huh: I got up this morning and asked myself :
    For just one time, why not show intelligence and asks real questions, the tough ones !

    I explain :
    I’ m french ( not really but it’s a little bit complicated ) and in here, Mr Murdoch who, everyone knows, is Sky’s owner as well as Fox’s, has a very bad image because it is said, his channels are too much under influence ; Mr bush and the white house hang over information.

    So, I just wanna some impressions from UK VIEWERS, to see if your feelings are different from France.

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    Sky isn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch, he only has around 35% shares in BSkyB.
    It would be extremely inaccurate to compare Sky News to Fox News. One of them is actually a credible news source (I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t Fox News).

    I think Sky News is sufficiently reliable.

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    Well, but there are “family ties” between the both networks, because a fox corespondent may be on the air: for Irak war or just wall street news for instance.

    I don’t want to criticize Sky work, but french press doesn’t lend credibility to Murdoch’s press empire, that’s just the way it is.

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    In a recent poll, Sky News was the second most trused news source in the UK – higher than ITV News!

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    Mr Byrne
    Mr Byrne

    Rupert serves as chairman of BskyB and as far as I know his son, James Murdoch is CEO. In a survey where I live (Ireland), Sky News was voted the most trusted news channel over here.

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    Do they still use Reuters as I trust Reuters?

    The pressure to get things out faster than any other network must mean a few mistakes. Isn’t there a saying ‘we get things wrong but not for long’?

    As for French TV; I’m in France too. Snuk is less biased than the french networks I think. The french news often reflects current political (govt) opinion. Even on TF1 which is the only one not run by l’etat…sooo. My Spanish friends tell me that the news channels on their TV follow political/ideological lines, more like the print press in the UK. And let’s not forget Italy and Signore Berlusconi!
    I find all the British networks to be pretty reliable. I hope that continues!

    I agree that it’s fair to ask questions about the fear element and politics that Murdoch ownership engenders. (no-one sensible thinks Snuk is Fox but that still doesn’t mean that the question’s not a good one).
    I dislike the fact that the BBC is ‘taken on trust’ without any tough questions being asked about their management or reporters.

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    There are two factors in play here: the individual journalists making up the news organisation and the editorial position of an orginisation.
    Fox News shows bias in the worst possible way and that it’s editorial policy; the editors issue memos encouraging a certain slant on particular stories.
    It is inevitable that there will be journalists at Sky News (as with the BBC and ITV) who have a particualr political persuation and may on occasions let that appear on our screens despite their best efforts to hide it and report fairly and balanced.
    I reckon that we can pretty much say that the editorial policy at Sky News is not biased in any way. And even when we see Fox Correspondents on Sky that their contribution will not alter the output of Sky News.

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