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I'm new

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  • January

    Hey everybody! How are you all? (Yes, I’m being super cheerful to compensate for my ridiculous nervousness at posting on such a seemingly grown-up forum)… I’m new and very young (so please be gentle).

    One of my main reasons for joining these forums is because when I’m older (I’m 16 now) I want to work for a news channel such as Sky. Or be a journalist. Or an author. ANYWAY, you all seem to have a lot of knowledge on this whole subject so does anybody know how you actually get to work for a TV company like Sky? What qualifications do you need? Ultimately, I’d love to be a presenter but know that that is highly unlikely to happen (but I can dream).

    Thanks in advance, ANY response will be greatly appreciated (unless it’s rude… remember, I’m new) :unsure:

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    Hi January

    We’re all quite nice here, honest. Firstly, I don’t work in the media or at SNuk – but you seem to have the right thing to start with – enthusiasm.

    I’d suggest taking a look at the Q&As on the site if you haven’t already – one of the questions is about how they got started in journalism.

    It’ll help you to know what other people have been through – education and jobs before they got to SNuk. Hope it goes well for you & keep posting – we’re always glad to have new people and comment.


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    Thanks ever so much Kev- I’d not seen any of those questionnaires before. They have confirmed my belief that a career in media/journalism is the career for me! People tend to laugh when I tell them my ambitions… but have you ever noticed how when someone tells you you can’t do something, you become 100 times more determined to do it? (And in the process prove them wrong?)

    Anyway, thanks once again… the only thing I’m worried about now is that all the female presenters seem to be very attractive. Best get booked in at Harley Street!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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