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  • Gaja

    I know we’ve been here before, but in order to get a bit of debate going on the forum I thought I’d ask what peoples perfect schedule would be.

    To start with here’s my thoughts on the evening.

    5pm Live at five (It aint broke so don’t fix it) All i would do is have a regular Sport news person and make it feel more of a team effort.

    7pm Littlejohn (I know alot of you don’t like him but even if u don’t agree with his views you must admit its agood programme. Oh and put it on for an hour, some of the segments seem alittle rushed at times

    8pm World news ( A faster paced prog! hey present it standing up maybe from the Newsroom like Sky News today. Pull in live reports from all of the Sky News correspondents from around the world.

    9pm A cross Table debate – Not an earth shattering new idea but I floated the idea on this forum before and suggested that somebody like Amanda Platell could debate issues with someone who is slightly to the left of her politics.

    10pm Sky News tonight- (another hour of news-double header back behind the desk)

    11pm Another idea I’ve put forward before was to have an hour long Prog from the Millbank studio with a slightly more Political slant.

    Ok there you go. What do you think? What would you do?

    puts anorak back in cupboard

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    OK – here’s my ideas…

    6.00am – SUNRISE

    This needs a revamp in my opinion. It’s stale, boring and needs some livening up. A new presenting pair is essential. A soft set would be an advantage, themed titles – warm morning glow cast around the globe? Go back to the old days of having a weather box on screen etc etc – livelier stories & travel news etc- possibly break it up into 15 or 30 minute segments so that people can dip in and out of the programme.

    9.00am – WORLD NEWS

    Sunrise is far too long in my opinion. Let’s break up the morning schedule a bit!

    9.30am – YOUR MONEY

    Business “preview” – expectations of the markets today etc etc Roundup of yesterday’s business news which could affect today’s markets etc

    10.00am – SKY NEWS TODAY

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it

    1.00pm – SKY NEWS NOW

    Rolling news schedule but more dynamic than the current 1 – 5 schedule. possibly 4 anchors presenting from different parts of Sky Centre i.e. Newsroom, Studio, Gallery, Newswall etc. I feel that this would add a bit more pace and variety to the schedule. Sports, Weather & Business updates throughout the afternoon

    4.30pm – YOUR MONEY

    Full market roundup as the markets close. Nice gimmick there!

    5.00pm – LIVE AT FIVE

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    7.00pm – SKY NEWS TONIGHT

    This would take a similar sort of feel to Sky News Now – only the schedule would be broken up a bit. Programmes such as Littlejohn would feature, but the difference is that they wouldn’t be treated as seperate programmes – instead they would just flow into each other…

    7.00pm – Full News Update – News/Sport/Weather

    7.30pm – Newswall Update

    7.35pm – Littlejohn

    8.00pm – Newswall Update

    8.05pm – World News

    8.30pm – Newswall Update

    8.35pm – 1 Day – based on 7 days – looking at the lighter stories

    8.50pm – Sportsline

    9.00pm – SKY’S NINE O CLOCK NEWS

    This would be presented from the newswall and would hark back to the days pre-2001 relaunch where the nine o clock news was presented in front of a CSO.

    9.30pm – JEREMY THOMPSON

    Hard hitting analytical news programme – similar style to that of Newsnight

    10.00pm – NEWS AT TEN

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

    10.30pm – SPORTSLINE

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

    11.00pm – SKY NEWS

    double header news programme

    11.30pm – SKY NEWSDAY

    a review of the top stories of the day

    12.00am – 6.00am – SKY NEWS OVERNIGHT

    as it is now

    so there you go

    I’ve probably bored you all to death at Sky now! but it’s just a few ideas!

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    Forum Member
    Forum Member

    The first thing I would do is leave out Little John, I cant stand him, I turn the TV off every night he comes on, and as for Ann Widdecombe, those two are good for each other.

    Sportsline could also be given a little more time in the evenings.

    The type of presentations that Martin makes every morning could also be presented again by Jeremy from say 20:00 to 22:00

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    Littlejohn is disliked by many people – but because of the contract he has with News Corp. he writes a column in the Sun (or whatever paper it is) in return for some airtime on Sky.

    I personally don’t mind him – but he is a bit too racist for my liking

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    I personally don’t mind him – but he is a bit too racist for my liking

    Racist? Anti the “loony left” maybe, but a racist? Nah, I don’t think so. That’s usually a criticism levelled at Richard Littlejohn by his opponents, as they don’t like what he says. He has a unique style and speaks his mind, which is good. Sometimes he’s deliberately provocative as well, but that’s good entertainment. A programme like Littlejohn is actually good television and the sort of thing you’d never see on the BBC. (Not PC enough!)

    I’d keep the Richard Littlejohn programme in any Sky News fantasy schedule and even make the programme a bit longer in fact, for more in-depth debate on certain issues. As he’s always pressed for time when the debates are just starting to get interesting.

    I actually wouldn’t make too many changes to the Sky News schedule. A more in-depth news programme in the evening, similar to BBC2’s Newsnight, wouldn’t go amiss. A programme that looks at certain news events with more detail would be a good thing. (I’d keep JT as the main news anchor though and try and poach Paxman for that sort of programme!) On the whole though, I am happy enough with the current Sky News schedule.

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    Personally I would like to see Sky News’s schedule looking like this:

    06.00-10.00 : Sunrise, but make it distinctive, possibly in a soft set and with different ident.

    10.00-19.00: As it is at the moment

    19.00-19.30: Live at Five continued. or just News on the hour

    19.30-20.00: Littlejohn, i only moved it because it is better to have the rolling news at the TOTH, and magazine show at half past surely? Doesn’t make sense to have half an hour presented by one person at half seven.

    20.00-00.00: Sky News Tonight: Preferably 2 regular presenters. Also, divide it up.

    20.00-20.30– Rolling News, headlines from Newswall with 1 presenter, analysis and interviews etc from main desk with other presenter.

    20.30-21.00-Business Tonight, with Michael Wilson, co anchored by Bloomberg person in NY.

    21.00-21.30– 9 o’clock news, same as 20.00-20.30

    21.30-22.00– World News

    22.00-22.30– Sky News at Ten, distinctive, with different ident.

    22.30-23.00– Sportsline

    23.00-00.00– Rolling News, both presenters at desk, with long newspaper review.

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    After 9pm, I would like some hard hitting, intelligent world news for an hour. In depth news I mean. My problem with Sky is they don’t do enough of that. They seem to think that people who want that should choose another channel; an attitude I find a bit bizarre on ‘news channel of the year’ & with the reporters they have on their staff.

    Can someone explain why for the last few years, ‘live at five’ has been the flagship programme, by far the best with the widest news coverage? Most working slaves aren’t even home by then, so which market are they aiming their best news programme at?

    I remember when Sky reported so well from Kosovo, they did special news items with less sanitised coverage for after 9pm. Now they seem to have thrown in the towel re taking on the BBC and ITN for evening/night news programmes.

    And yes, I’d leave Littlejohn in Cancun….forever. Being totally PC is annoying, but being deliberately un-PC is just as irritating. Nuke ‘im.

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    Will Riker
    Will Riker


    06.00 SUNRISE

    10.00 TODAY

    13.00 YOUR CALL


    14.30 SHOWBIZ


    15.30 NEWSLINE


    16.30 SKY NEWS KIDS

    17.00 LIVE@5


    19.30 LITTIEJHON


    20.30 SHOWBIZ

    21.00 9 O’CLOCK NEWS

    21.30 NEWSLINE

    22.00 NEWS@TEN

    22.30 YOUR CALL

    23.00 SKY WORLD NEWS

    00.00 SKY NEWS NUDE


    01.30 SHOWBIZ


    03.30 LITTIEJOHN


    05.30 NEWSLINE

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    06.00 Sunrise.

    10.00 Sky News Today.

    13.00 Afternoon (mark and Kay)

    17.00 Live at Five.

    19.30 Richard Littlejohn.

    20.00 Sky News on the Hour.

    20.30 Special program that changes Daily.

    Monday 7 Days.

    Tuesday Technofile.

    Wednesday A political Program by Adam or Jon.

    Thursday Showbiz with Neil or Georgie.

    Friday Business Program – A recap on the business news and what to expect the following week.

    21.00 Sky News Nine. presented by JT or Chris, the same has 98-01.

    21.30 Sky World News. presented by Tim or DC.

    22.00 Sky News Ten. Similar to the way it is now.

    22.30 Sportsline.

    23.00 Sky News on the Hour. the same us now.

    23.40 Newspaper review.

    00.00 Overnight.

    00.30 CBS or another American output.

    01.00 Overnight.

    01.30 LittleJohn (repeat)

    02.00 Overnight.

    02.30 Special Program (repeat)

    03.00 Overnight.

    03.30 Sky World News (repeat)

    04.00 Overnight.

    04.30 Sportsline (repeat)

    05.00 Overnight.

    05.40 Newspaper Review (repeat)

    Sportsline and the other programs with have their own Idents and GFX.

    Bottom line is – from 19.00-0600 Sky News headlines etc at the top of the hour and a program on the back half hour.

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    00.00 SKY NEWS NUDE

    What is Sky News Nude? How does the program work?

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    Kinda obvious. All the presenters strip off for it. Like Live tv, anyone remember that lady who use to do Business news and strip down to her bra?

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