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8.2 Mag quake hits off Sumatra

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  • Kev667

    I missed the breaking news, but when i caught up Richard Bestic was on the phone after getting back from Banda Aceh yesterday. They are now speaking to a US official in Medan.

    Most people are saying the quake lasted a long time, around a minute and *felt* stronger than boxing day’s. More structual damage from the quake itself seems to have happened. No pictures yet.

    Thailand have issued a tsunami warning. If no tsunami activity is seen after 3 hours of the quake, nothing will happen.

    It has been felt in Maldives & Bankok too.

    Sky are really extended themselves at the moment, contacting a lot of people in the area – good that they’ve kept up their contacts. JT is on air – not on a plane yet

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    BBC seems to be reporting in more of a panic mode – Andrew Harding is saying the fact no reports are coming from Sumatra is very worrying.

    The US Pacific Geological Soc is warning now that countries in the area of the new earthquake should take emergency action to react to a tsunami.

    A few more countries and islands have issued their own warning.

    In Banda Aceh, BBC is reporting from AP that the quake lasted two minutes and cut off power in the region and sent people fleeing.

    BBC Man in Jakarta is saying that comms are very sketchy – no immediate reports of damage – 0050 in the morning at the moment.

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    There is just no comparison with Sky and BBC…….and when Sky News have got someone of the stature of Jeremy Thompson there is just no competition.

    Watching him now, great journalistic prowess….the facts being gathered and he just calmly, fluently, lets the news flow through him.


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    Sky break for their first ads just before the Nine O’Clock. David Foster and Steve Gaisford took over at 8.

    It seems the island of Nias near Sumatra has been hit quite hard.

    Sky have returned to normal, rather than rolling – but that’ll depend on what happens still.. Widespread reports of damage, but no tsunami created – it seems.

    2106 – Sky’s Kitty Logan is on the phone from Colombo, Sri Lanka and giving reports of the panic and fear of residents in the area and down the coast road to Gaul – sounds frightening. People are evacuating still.

    2114 – Ashish Joshi has the first package on this evening’s events.

    The quake was upgraded to an 8.7 about an hour ago as well. We’re not really in normal news mode – we had 15 more minutes from 9pm constant quake, then ads at 2115.

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    Good coverage from Sky News, as I can see.

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    I cannot fault Sky News’s reporting last night on the earthquake, it was fantastic!

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    I cannot fault Sky News’s reporting last night on the earthquake, it was fantastic!

    But, unless I have missed it, where are reporters on the scene?! It seems to me that the Asia bureaux (india and China) exist for the odd human interest package, like Richard Bestic’s when Sky News Ireland launched about Smoking Bans. They never seem able to cover breaking news, ITV have their Asia Correspondant doing lives from the scene this evening, so what has happened to Richard Bestic/Domonic Waghorn? Obviously bad timing, as Richard Bestic had just returned from the area, but still seems a bit pathetic. Also, Rochard Bestic took days to turn up duiring December’s tsunami coverage.

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    What can I say that is was not said before :
    That’s only LIFE : sometimes she’s fair, sometimes she’s unfair.
    Sometimes she’s careful, sometimes she’s careless.
    But Man is, he, always vicious and noxious… :blink:

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