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    This week You’re on Sky Sports used a different presenter for each day. As usual Rob McCaffrey did it on Monday but then on Tuesday Rob Wotton (Spanish Football) did it & then Mark Bolton (reporter) did it on Wednesday.

    Does anyone know the reason for this? Also, for people that saw the show, what did they think of the 2 other guys performances?

    Personally I think Mark Bolton is definitely suited to this kind of show

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    I love Mark Bolton’s style and think he is perfectly suited to that type of show. I really enjoyed watching him on it!

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    I didn’t think that either suited the phone-in.

    Mark Bolton was better in his 2nd show, and Rob Wotton was OK – but it goes to show what a good job Rob McCaffery does. I think the reaction of the guests – especially Dave Beasant on Tuesday said how much they missed McCaffery.

    The sooner he’s back – the better!!

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    McCaffrey was back on last night. Good show i thought it was as well. Sometimes it can be a bit painful, usually after champs league games, with some right goons phoning in spouting verbal diarrhoea about how brilliant their team is. Last night tho, most of the callers had fairly coherent, considered comments.

    I also like Beagrie on there. I think he’s a good antidote to Claridge who can be a bit caustic sometimes and certainly doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

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