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    we all have different usernames on this forum and i thought it would be interesting to find out why you have that paiticular name?

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    well mine is pretty obvious

    AJ = Andy Jones

    (it rhymes aswell!)

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    Just wanted a name that was different and after scratching my head for days came up with Alloneword and been using it for about 7 years now

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    I chose Newsroom simply because I like the new look Sky News UK newsroom!!

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    Breakfast News

    I chose Breakfast News because i was a regular viewer of the BBC’s Breakfast News

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    Em, I chose Ross because that’s my name…

    Although I don’t want to waste my post, so I’ll tell you why I use my other username – Beagle2.

    That name came because I needed a Gamertag for Xbox Live and I wanted something that I didn’t think anyone else would have, but also, if you knew about it, would let you know where I’m from.

    I only had to think of the for the end of April this year so I’ve not been using it long, but I have used it on a couple of sites since then.

    Usually I just use my real name (first name or surname aswell) because whyhide behind a name…

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    Why the username? Well, very simply, Hello!

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    My name is Kerry

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    Lee Smith

    It is my name.

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    Hi guys
    I chose AB Fan coz In the days of Sky News at 10 ITV messed around with their schedule and b4 when Bob Friend+Anna Were Anchors on The 10pm-Midnight news. I soon realized that when Bob,(and Wednesday Night paper reviewer at the time, Simon Bates were on Anna couldn’t keep a straight face and, the ten pm news became required viewing. If I was down I quickly cheered up when I heard her infectious giggle. Even now, with Bob and Simon Bates gone from Sky News, if I’m home @ 5 weekdays, I always manage to catch Anna. Long may she remain on Sky News though, personally, I’d like to see her Anchoring with Jane Seckor occasionally(when Jane gets back from covering the Michael Jackson Trial.
    I’ve seen Anna+Shiela, I’ve seen Julie+Sheila. But, I would like to see Anna+Jayne.
    For Me, When Simon McCoy left for The Beeb, it should have been Jane promoted to Anchor sharing with Anna.
    Maybe sometime. In the meantime, long may Anna reign.

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    it is a tribute to the X men comics as you know, the top steel man in the flick who pick up all the babes in the end.
    Actually, that is really just a tribute as you can see from the beginning to the end I’m not able to pick up anyone, if you don’t take account of my dog and my gold fish.

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    My birth month.

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