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    We all like a sweetie now and then, especially in front of the TV.

    What’s your favorite?

    check out Retro Sweets

    I did love them Sherbet Fountain Dip and the Candy Whistles.

    reminds me of when i was a kid back in the 70’s..

    when a pint of milk was only 15p.. he he he.

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    i’m not really keen on sweeties (although I do like haribo!)

    When it comes to chocolate – Cadbury is the best, none of that nestle crap for me thank you!

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    The new Mars Delight is just lush. Very addictive.

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    The new Mars Delight is just lush.  Very addictive.

    Yes very

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    We bought some sweets from http://www.britishcandy.com a while ago, its a good site.

    My favourite sweets are sweet tobacco, chocolate tools and space dust

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    I’m surprised these forums can be used to spam people with commercial addresses and websites; but I’d be happy to respond and join in! The British Candy site is pretty slow and dull – it uses a horrendous Javascript shopping cart function and if you have disabled pop-ups on your browser, you’ll have a nightmare trying to buy anything. It looks good at first glance, until you realise its shortcomings.

    Best site I’ve found is http://www.feelsweet.com – nominated for Winners@theWeb 2004 – hope that helps!

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    Anyone would think that Chinners works for Feelsweet?? Who else would put a banner like that at the bottom of their posting lol

    We looked at both sites and ordered a hamper from britishcandy.com

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    Lee Smith

    Don’t eat sweets, prefer a nice satsuma.

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    I have found this site http://peggycharltons.co.uk It appears to have some of the old fashioned favourites.

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    I love sweets and i haven’t found a better website for sweets, candy and confectionery than The Sweetmaster They even had additive free sweets and sugar free sweets which is great since i am diabetic. It’s a great site and the only place that i will buy my sweets from.

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