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    I apologise if this has been covered before. Who does the voice over for the presenters at the beginning of each hour?

    Do they all have a generic one recored that is just added to whoever they are presenting with? Or is some poor sod on call 24/7 (i joke)

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    I can’t remember his name, Bruce I think. He’s not not call all the time but obviously the requirements change a lot so they have to get submitted to be recorded. He also does a bit on Soccer AM and promos on Sky Sports.

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    Bruce Hammel.

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    Johnnie+May 25 2005, 12:31 PM–>(Johnnie @ May 25 2005, 12:31 PM)
    Bruce Hammel.

    Melodious speaking voice, rarely – if ever – seen on screen.
    Perhaps has a face suited to radio

    Also the joint narrator, usually with Sue Carpenter, of the superb ‘Trans World Sport’.
    IMO. the best TV sports programme of all…………bar none.

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    Ive noticed just once or twice when ive tuned in at the Top of the Hour, that Bruce or whatever his name is whether it be a recording or not, has been a bit late in saying what he has to say.

    Whether it be a recording or not, they have played it too late and hes run on, until after the music ends, the first time I heard that mistake, they kept the graphics on screen until he had finished, an extra five seconds, until he had finsihed and then they changed to the studio camera, and the presenters made a joke of it, with a bit of a “and here we are!!” sort of thing, cant remember who was presenting at the time. The second time it happened was just today at the TOTH at 1pm. This time they decided to change to the studio camera at the normal time, when the music ended so they just zoomed up to the presenters I think, whilst he talked and then they started presenting straight after he’d finished.

    Funnily enough those were the only two times ive tuned in over the past couple of days, so they might have made that a regular feature, I don’t know, can anyone correct me?

    Do we think a voice over is better, or would people prefer to see on-screen graphics introducing presenters?

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    The voice over rules, makes everything seem so dramatic, compared to news 24.

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