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    Are you anxious when you go to London or one of the major European or US cities now? Do you think that Al Qaeda et al can ever be brought under some form of control, and how? And do you think that what’s happening is going to make life very tough for ordinary, peaceful muslim citizens of western (and non western) countries? I am concerned about the balance between security and maintenance of civil liberties; not just cos I’m an old fashioned liberal type, but because it is counterproductive to victimise ethnic or religious groups as well…

    I think the world’s not been in such upheaval since WW2 (and no, I’m not quite old enough to remember that in case any of you wondered). This time though the enemy has no visible face.

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    I don’t think that anyone can stop a determined suicide bomber as you can’t wrap everyone and everything up in cotton wool. Every time they make arrests, there just seem to be more extremists who appear elsewhere.

    I don’t mind the extra security but I do mind if it turns into racism.

    Did you all see Wag the Dog , filmed before 9/11 as Robert de Niro’s character speaks of just this type of terrorism being the major threat to the world. Half tongue in cheek then, not now. No, I would not be anxious in a major city, but a lot more aware that something could happen. Not as relaxed as before. And I would be scared to visit the Middle East, something that I would love to do.

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    Im not really worried. If we show that we’re scared, they’ll continue doing at as they think they’re scared.

    Personnaly as I catch the train every morning since the Madrid attacks I do try to stay near the doors as that way I can get out quickly, and help assist others who might not be able to jump off the train.

    Im not worried though – they wont intimidate me into changing my life.

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