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    Congratulations to Stuart Ramsay for his excellent interview with Bob Mugabe. The full interview is on the Sky News website – was it shown?

    I hope they keep it on the website.

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    I’ve seen a little of the interview, and am looking forward to the full interview this evening.

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    It’s somewhat of a scoop by Stuart Ramsey: … 00,00.html

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    So I watched the fullest interview this evening (recorded it through the night). It was incredibily fascinating. Mugabe came across as a pathetic, weak person. I was disppointed that Stuart seemed to ‘let him off’ on so many issues. There was a couple of occasions when he had him backed into a corner and Mugabe was able to ‘waffle’ his way out. There’s a lot to be said about who Mugabe considers to be Zimbabwes friends – Libya, China. Very telling.

    What I can’t believe is that he said he didn’t know why Blair is the Prime Minister. The answer, President Mugabe, is that the majority of British people who voted in a General Election, that was fair and free, voted for his party. They did this not once (1997) but twice (2001).

    I do feel that Stuart Ramsey perhaps showed inexperience. Too often he talked when Mugabe spoke. He made, what I thought was an elementary error, in not letting Mugabe finish his point before coming back, therefore allowing Mugabe to change his point or opinion on the spot. I wonder why Sky didn’t send somebody more experienced to do the interview?

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    Mugabe tantrums threaten Sky scoop

    By Wal? Azeez

    Sky News? interview with the Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, which took months of negotiations, was nearly scrapped three times when the African leader lost his temper during the filming.

    When Sky News’ Africa correspondent Stewart Ramsay, put it to Mugabe, that ?A regular allegation from the outside world is that Mr President, you are corrupt,? the premier was all but ready to end the interview.

    He also got up to leave in a fit of anger on two other occasions.

    ?When I refused to listen to him any longer going on about land reform and how it was all Britain?s fault and, when I used a quote from Desmond Tutu saying he was ?a caricature of an archetypal dictator,? I think the glass of water went over at that point as he jumped out of his chair,? Ramsey said.

    He told Press Gazette that the interview had been the most difficult in his career to pull off.

    According to Sky News? Africa producer Ben de Pear, the interview was finally secured after 18 months of lobbying by a go-between after it was set in motion by Sky head of foreign news, Adrian Wells Later, the news team including Ramsey and cameramen Martin Smith and Garwen McLuckie found themselves the subject of a Kafkaesque cat and mouse game, which culminated in false reports by the Zimbabwean media three weeks ago that they had been thrown out of the country.

    ?It was reported in the news – on TV and in the government-controlled Herald the next morning – that we had illegally entered the country and that ?the full apparatus of the state? had been used to deport us,? de Pear said. ?Basically we got caught between two factions of the party. Those who thought it best to re-engage with the West, who wanted us there, and those that didn?t.?

    Sky News was finally granted permission to film on 5 May. Both Ramsay and de Pear insisted that they were not censored, and despite ?minders? we able to film the alleged training camp for young Zanu-PF thugs, a failing farm and torture victims.

    ?It was agreed that we could do what we wanted once we were in there, but of course at the same time they were quite keen to control us. We were constantly arguing with them. It was quite awkward and painstaking but they did accept that those were the conditions,? said de Pear.

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    That’s a very interesting article.

    Yes Stuart was pushing Mugabe quite a bit. I suppose that article explains why Stuart Ramsey did the interview.

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    I didn’t see it but I read it in full. It was great. Ramsay got Mugface to hang himself by NOT pushing a question any further when Mugabe had said enough to make it clear what he’s like.

    Hey, it’s hard to get a word in when you’re talking to a garrulous old dictator.

    The remark Mugabe made about ex Archbishop Tutu spoke volumes.

    Are you sure it was ‘water’ Stuart, that nearly went for six?!!

    Isn’t that producer the same guy who was in Iraq at the end of the war btw? thought I recognised the name from press articles or google??

    I hope Stuart stays in Africa. He’s put the continent’s news on the Skymap.

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