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    Just watching Sky news this lunchtime and I had to say that Steff looks fantastic today as she usually does, but all summery today, She is the best by far and she loves indie music, Top lass, Anyone else agree?

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    Afraid not…..don’t rate her at all…dosent even come close to Lisa and many of the news presenters.

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    Steff is ace. You can tell that she has natural good-looks and doesn’t need to rely on over-the-top make-up. Her use of make-up is subtle simply because she doesn’t need it.

    Steff also has AMAZING legs. The best legs on TV I’d say.

    Her weather forecasts are professional, informative, and friendly too.

    Steff is a 10 out of 10 girl altogether, and I love her.

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    Glad to see someone else agrees Mick, Always stunning, but some days she’s an angel in a dream, Keep on hitting us with your beauty Steff.

    Also Fantasy SkyNews shift – Newsreaders – Julie Etchingham & Emma Crosby
    Sportsreader – Kelly Dalglish
    Weather – (Of course) Steff

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    Well guys, i completely agree! Steff rocks

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