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    News on the Sophie Raworth forum that she is expecting her 3rd child in February.
    Wonder who will take over the One 0 clock news?.
    Sian, Jane or someone else??

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    Sophie’s last bulletin was today, she’s off to have the baby, and will return in the Summer. Kate Silverton will take over from Monday.

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    Even more of Kate. As long as she dosen’t move to Breakfast, we shall be ok. I hope Sophie has a smooth labour. I’m surprised the beeb haven’t had a phone in competition to guess the name of the baby!!!!!!

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    I am 38 years old. I have been pregnant previously 3 times prior and lost all 3, one due to incompetent cervix, and the last 2 due to a blood clotting disorder. The doctors know how to treat these conditions to help in achieving a successful pregnancy next time around. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 months. I’ve been charting my cycles and I know when I’m ovulating. So I don’t understand why it could be taking so long this time around. Is there any advice?

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