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    Sky were live at Leicester Sq just a few minutes ago for some film premier I think – all famous people arriving, or atleast I suppose that was the aim… instead it just seemed to be lots of random people walking along the red carpet, and the woman that was doing the report (where as it’s usually Matt Smith) didn’t seem to confident, and ended up saying “umm and err I forget… oh look some people arriving…” at which point the camera panned left to see said crowds of random people just walk straight past… Oh dear how embaressing. Matt Smith, I think your job is safe for life* B)

    *especially after seeing the excellent Year in Review: Entertainment, one of the best I’ve seen so far this year.

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    And it wasn’t the equally good Georgie Arnold either. Don’t know who it was unfortunately.

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    I’m not watching at the moment so i don’t know who it is, but Belinda Russell is normally down on the red carpet.

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    Yes it was Belinda.


    She did seem to have a bad moment, not able to adlib very well at all.

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