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    This morning saw the start of Sky World news and Sky World review and business.

    For anyone who missed it:
    No new ident or bumpers to start the program, just the normal ident, top stories, email appeal, coming up then adverts. (only 2 ads) Back to Sky News:

    • Michael Watkins linked to Africa package from David Chater.
    • Gleneagles coverage on Sky News.
    • Jane Chilton package about the Edinburgh march etc.
    • Live to Juliet Errington in Singapore about the 2012 bid.
    • Iraq conflict package from Fox’s David MacDougall.
    • India Floods package from Joey Jones.
    • Top Stories (G8 Summit, 2012 Bid, India Floods)
    • Africa Weather from Francis Wilson.
    • The Asia markets and currencies.
    • The Front Pages from around the world (Bumpered in and out)
    • Deep Impact package from Emma Birchley.
    • Sports tease, Then adverts (only one advert)
    • Back live, to Live sports (Wimbledon winner, F1, Golf European open)
    • World Weather with Francis
    • Coming Up Madrid’s Bid (out to adverts)
    • Top Stories.
    • Coming Up Sierra Leone (out to adverts)
    • Sierra Leone aid package.
    • Live studio guest (G8 Summit)
    • Madrid’s bid package from Kay Burley.
    • Top Stories.
    • The Asia markets and currencies.
    • Coming up.
    • Live Sports headlines.
    • Sky News Showbiz (Bumpered in and out)
    • Your Views (bumpered in and out)
    • World Weather.
    • World news in pictures.
    • Program ends.

    The second hour was pretty much the same. Except Adam Boulton was live instead of Juliet Errington. The ticker was srolling in the second hour.

    Images from Sky World News
    Sorry about the ‘mute’ sign on the images.

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    World News at 4-6AM.

    Nice priorities, London :angry: typical.

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    I think the program is dedicated to Sky’s foreign viewers, Its at a time when many of the foreign viewers will be awaking (News for the World, not World news for the UK)

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    I Sky+ it out of curiosity, it wasn’t bad, except for Michael Watkins. He is the most dull and unremarkable presenter in Sky’s vast array of presenters. I can’t imagine waking up to him, he’s more likely to put people back to sleep.

    There also wasn’t any business news coverage, except for a brief glimpse of the Asian stock markets.

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    I too share the frustrations of eagleeye, I wont be watching at that time. And I’m a potential viewer.

    Perhaps, it’s a long shot, it’s a prelude to a prime-time world news?

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    We can only hope.

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