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    With the success of Sky News Ireland over the past year, isn’t it about time a dedicated Sky News Scotland was established? Scotland has as much independent news to broadcast as Ireland, and has a population of over 1 million more…It’s crazy that Scotland still get a couple of story slots if lucky, while Ireland has 2 dedicated daily half hour opt-outs plus a weekly round-up programme…

    …currently a pitiful 3 reporters cover a third of the UK landmass, while dozens cover the other 2/3 (England & Wales)…Sky News UK is out of touch with Scottish interests and needs and it’s high time it established a Scottish office along the same lines as Ireland.

    Scotland already has strong regional news with BBC Scotland and STV, it’s about time Sky News did the same.

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    Yes, however, the same should then be expected for Wales and England.

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    For Wales there is a case…for England, not really (or at least not a very strong one)…

    In essence Sky News UK is an English news programme that pays occasional lip service to events in the rest of the UK.

    England does not have any regional forms of government, infact it voted against them recently. Therefore the policy and commentary reported on Sky News UK has complete relevence to England, unlike the case in Scotland. Most of what’s broadcast, unless on an international scale/reserved, is not relevent to Scotland…the Queens Speech, for example had almost no relevence in Scotland as most of what was mentioned is devolved, yet Sky News UK covered it in huge detail.

    Sky News UK is a London centric organisation, and the Irish version helps to lessen that. On a national news front, the NE of England deviates little from that broadcast on Sky News, however in Scotland things are very different. This needs to be realised and allowed for through a distinct Sky News Scotland.

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    i think sky should bring in a service for scotland, wales & northern ireland. that way they could set something up so at say seven o’clock people in scotland get scotish news, wales get welsh news and so on. they could then return to london at half past for the international stories and repet this until say 11 o’clock. it would make sence and sky would deffinetely boost their ratings in the different regions. even if it was only one room with a plazma screen for now as i’m sure they have bureaus in each reagion so they wouldnt have to buy new buildings. they could have something like in the pic. below. then you could put all five nations on active like sni

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    Have you got any idea how much it would cost to set this up? It is a totally ludicrus idea. The total viewing share in the UK for Sky News is 0.6% with the average person watching for 11 mins per week. Are you seriously suggesting that bulletins are exclusively produced at a deidicated centre in Scotland for the 43 000 people up there that watch Sky News? Or would you rather see that money spent more wisely.

    To use the argument ‘Scotland is a third of the UK’s landmass’ is retarded. Would you expect the Brecon Beacons in Wales to have as many reporters as in London? Or would you expect it to be based more on where News is likely to break and population. Scotland makes up 12% of the UK’s population.

    As for the bureaus, there are ones in Edinburgh and Belfast, but these are simply an office with a camera in, nothing fancy, but yes they could be upgraded.

    Ireland has it’s how exclusive bulletins for a very good reason. Sky News is in fact a foreign broadcaster. In Scotland, it is not.

    After all

    Scotland already has strong regional news with BBC Scotland and STV

    Why not use the exisiting strong regional services.

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    or like sn austrailla

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    SNA is a different network, different audience, different Murdoch company and a different hemisphere. How does this back your argument up in the slightest? It’s like making a random reference to Sky News Italia.

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    I think daved2424 has hit the nail on the head. The BBC and ITV already do regional news for Scotland, Wales and various divisions of England. There seems at this stage little point in Sky a similar service at the moment. To say Sky News is London sentric is inaccurate, have you been watching the channel lately, with their obsessive coverage of the tsunami disaster. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t south east asia a long way away from London.

    Besides, if and when there is any relevant news in Scotland or Wales for that matter then Sky would cover it.

    I could also argue that Sky don’t don’t cover the South West of England either, but I don’t, simply because nothing of national importance happens that oftem down here. But when it does, like the flooding in cornwall, then they will cover it.

    Also, I remeber in the run-up to christmas, Sky had a broadcast from Edinburgh of Glasgow with regards to christmas shopping.

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    I think tippguy is just a very strange poster. His ideas do not make sense (or sence as he would say) AT ALL. Sky news at 7 in different regions- are you mad??

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    it wasn’t suppost to back up my argument infact its not an argument i simply added more to my post look theres 10 mins in time difference i forgot something and just added it in :wacko: . and sna is still part of sky news however sky italia is a TOTALLY different network so get your facts straight. and in The Republic Of Ireland like Scotland & Wales we too have news channels. RT? 1&2, TV3 & TG4 and sni still launched here so i don’t see why it would not work in scotland & wales. And as for the sna graphics i was just pointing out that it was a posible idea for a mini studio in a bureau. And sky dont cover all relevent stories in all regions. Here in Ireland last Tuesday a 10 year old went missing as i have said in sni fourm and it has not been on sky news uk once not even in brief and a poor kid is missing for 5 days and you are telling me thats not “relevent”. However a lot of time on sky news ireland has been dedicated to the case. And it would not cost that much really. In Belfast Corrospondants David Blevins, Liam Craigh & Gary Honneyford have their own bureau with cameramen. All they would need is a sky news background which could be put in all bureaus & a plazma screen which they could get in their local dixons. In Scotland James Mathews, Rona Doughall & Jane Chilton are backed by a bureau and camermen. Same story there. So all that leaves is Wales. How much could it cost to by a 1 bed room appartment in Cardiff and send some idle reporters over there. In Scotland these reporters are earning handy money with 1 or 2 reports a week. They should be reporting nightly. At least in Belfast the odd report makes it onto the Ireland show but its more or less the same there. So at most whats it going to cost them 2 or 3 millin pounds. Thats nothing to sky they’ll make it back in a week or less on adverts alone. And anyway if they can afford a plane for the us elections and have a helicopter on stantby for breaking news then they can surley afford this!!

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    How much do you know about broadcasting? Virtualy nothing it seems. In order to do nightly reports from Scotland you would need a Vision Mixer, a Director, a director’s assitant, autocue operator, graphics operator, producer, VT operator, cameraman, technical director and an electrician not to mention the production and news team and the presenters. Or are you suggesting this is done from London which kind of defeats the object?

    You can’t just say ‘stick a plasma in a room’, if youre going to broadcast daily you need a proper studio that is properly lined up everyday. The Edinburgh bureau is simply a camera in a room. Technically it is abismal. The picture quality is poor and the lighting is dreadful.

    As for getting my facts straight. SNA is co-owned by BSkyB with Channel 7 and Channel 9, which makes it a Murdoch company. Sky News Italia is another Murdoch company. What am I missing here?

    SNI launched because Sky is a platform in Ireland not simply a broadcaster and their flagship news channel is British, which is foreign, so they are given their own bulletins. As for Scotland, Sky News is NOT foreign, it’s domestic.

    As for the Irish girl going missing it is an IRISH story. I’m sure it would have been covered in the UK IF the world’s worst natural disaster for 100 years hadn’t just occured in Asia, or am I getting the scale of things wrong here?

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    your a sick b*****d. A poor BOY is gone missing and you can say that. Sky were reporting on the one missing in england in the middle of the rising death toll in aisa and its not even top story anymore so how are you coming up with that comeback. Sky News are the ones scaling down the tsusanami not me the floods are top story now and the murder was before that. So i’m sure that they could manage to put it in “in brief” at least. AND THATS THE WHOLE POINT IF YOU DONT HAVE TIME FOR STORIES ON SKY UK YOU PUT THEM IN THE NATIONS NEWS. No I dont know much about broadcasting but the points you make can all be paid for by adverts and anyway its a little thing called investments. They wanted to boost their 300,000 digital subscribers in Ireland so they INVESTED!! They SHOULD BE trying to boost the 43,000 ratings in Scotland aswell. SNA is still someway connected to SKY where Italia is not.

    Newsroom as we discused before none of us are writers so who cares about spelling mistakes. Ok maybe 7 isn’t a good time it was a suggestion and i dont know what your complaining about its not like you are loosing snuk at 7 you already hav sni at 7.

    Whats your source on 11 mins per week for viewers daved

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    Daved2424, your comments are exactly what’s wrong with the London-based media circus. You state that any news of relevence in Scotland etc is covered – nonsense. News only dememed important by hacks in London is broadcast. I’m assuming you live down south, so you will be blissfully unaware of even half of the big (for Scotland) stories which pop up every week and are ignored by SN London. Even the PM was unaware until a day or so ago of the political storm that is growing up here because of the First Minister’s connection with Kirsty Wark. This is yet to get a mention on SN UK, yet is a big story up here…why should views in Scotland miss out and be told of English-only stories?

    You also say “To say Sky News is London sentric is inaccurate, have you been watching the channel lately…tsunami…”. If you had read my post properly, you would have seen that I excluded international news from my point, because this can be covered by a UK-wise service. On that we agree, but you underestimate, intentionally or otherwise, that Scotland with its 5.1million population and own parliament requires a seperate news programme to cover the legislation and news up hear which is often completely different to England. To say the bases are covered by STV and BBC Scotland is rubbish. In that case, why have Sky News anywhere in the UK as the BBC, ITV and Ch4 do a good job on a UK-wide platform.

    Where the Scottish Parliment is concered, it covers most of day-to-day Scottish needs, and this is not reflected in the Sky News UK edition. It is as foreign to Scotland as it is to Ireland in these matters. In fact Irish law and education is far closer to the English system than Scotland’s…so SN UK is even less relevent up here in many ways. “As for Scotland, Sky News is NOT foreign, it’s domestic” – nonsense. Most of the ‘domestic’ news reported in Scotland is just as forgeign as it would be in Ireland.

    You flag up costs…sorry, but for the Murdoch empire to establish a small studio with all the required facilities and people would cost penuts in the grand scheme of things – it’s only a will that’s lacking. If Sky News Scotland was created it would give people in Scotland something worthwhile to watch…therefore the 43,000 viewing figures would almost certainly rise.

    The point I was making regarding the geographical makeup of Scotland is a valid one. Currently Sky demands reporters to get from one end of Scotland to the other in 2 hours-odd – impossible…there is a definate lack of knowledge in London as to other parts of the UK. The Scottish beauru is already over stretched. It needs to be beefed up at any rate, why not just go the whole hog and create a seperate news programme?! It will have to happen one day anyway as the Scot. Parliament will gain powers over broadcasting sooner or later.

    Finally, you mention Irish stories are covered by SNI, exactly…currently SN UK does not cover Scottish stories in any real depth, and ignores vast swaths of them. Yes they are not important from a London point of view, but are they are in Scotland. The Scot. Parliament controls Education, Health, Policing, the fire service, Transport, Farming, Fisheries…the list goes on. These are the day-to-day domestic stories you mention, but the Scottish view point is extremely rarely covered by the London broadcast, and instead Scots have to hear volumes of inaccurate or irrelevent news that has no bearing on events in Scotland.

    As Tony Blair states, the electorate are interested in Education, Health and Crime…these are all distinctly different in Scotland, as much so if not more so than in Ireland, it is rediculous in this day and age for there not to be a Sky News Scotland programme.

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    daibhidh you raise some very good points. Yes i do live in the south of england, infact I work for a certain Murdoch owned company in London, but I also went to University in Wales and have many Scottish friends and understand the other side of the argument.

    Yes, Sky News doesn’t cover events in places like Wales and Scotland as well as it could and yes the bureau should be expanded, but I don’t think having a deicated Scottish programme is the right answer. The cost of providing such a minimal-reaching service is too great, especially when the service is provided by other broadcasters such as the BBC and reach a far greater audience.

    Tippguy, youre points are not valid. I have every sympathy for the lost boy (you did not specify the gender before, I just accidently assumed it was female). The point I was making was that it was one person in a foreign country. It would be similar, but not quite the same, as a child going missing in france, but not being covered because of the tsunami. The reason why the english child was covered is probably because they were english and its a domestic story. If it occured at any other time im sure it would have made SN. Then you go on to scream: AND THATS THE WHOLE POINT IF YOU DONT HAVE TIME FOR STORIES ON SKY UK YOU PUT THEM IN THE NATIONS NEWS, which is the point I’m making about the story only appearing on SNI, but it doesn’t justify the cost of an SNS. I hope that makes sense, not sure if it does.

    As for the 11 mins, the source is BARB, but I think I may have interpreted the data incorrectly. If I have then it is either every person watching television, as apposed to just digital television, whitch itself i may have not made clear, but i will cheak anyway.

    And yes, in the scheme of things SNS might not cost very much, but Sky is a PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY, profits come first. Do you really believe an SNS service would be profitable?

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    The 11 minutes refers to the average weekly viewing per person in a multi-channel home.

    Slightly off topic but interestingly BBC News 24 is 12 mins and ITV News is 2 mins.

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    Daved2424, I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one. I live in Edinburgh, however studied for my first degree in England and have many English friends. I know all too well the lack of interest, knowledge and understanding shared by a great deal of English people towards Scottish news and events. Yes some are covered, but as I said previously, only lip service is paid. This, I’m afraid, is not good enough. In essence, Westminster is by and large (esp. since devolution) an English parliament, and as Sky News UK focuses on Westminster in 90% of its UK politics coverage, England is extremely well serviced by its main news programme. The fact remains, Scotland is not.

    You again mention cost: “The cost of providing such a minimal-reaching service is too great”. If this were truely valid, the Irish programme should be cut from the air…minimal in UK-wide terms, but that would only be a valid reason if Scotland hadn’t received a devolution settlement in 1998. Since then, Scotland has as much right and need for a seperate programme as Ireland, and deserves no less.

    One of the cornerstones of the devolution legislation was to setup a means by which ‘Scottish solutions for Scottish problems’ could be enacted. So far much good has come from the Scot. Parliament, despite a lack of reporting it down south, but greater media coverage is needed. We in Scotland are still subjected to a great deal of irrelevent news piped up from the south. Amoungst other things, this is causeing great confusion over policies as none of the UK programmes make clear that it affects England & Wales only…just one example, one reason.

    Would you tollerate the UK-wide news channels broadcasting purely Scottish News, apart from the odd bit that effects the whole of the UK? No..clearly not, so why should we?!

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    I’ve expressed an opinion on this before within another topic. My thoughts are that it would be a nice idea to see regional news of some description, but rather unrealistic. Whilst the technology is certainly there in terms of Sky Active and being able to present different versions of the same channel in different areas of the country, the financial incentive obviously is not. I know that a few years back Sky News was a loss leader, and if it is making money now it will be a marginal amount.
    tipguy I think that you are underestimating the costs in setting up a newsgathering operation capable of hosting a programme. It’s alot more that a ‘one bedroom flat’, correspondents and cameramen. There’s producers, a programme editor and various other behind-the-scene rolls, let alone satellite costs, to consider.
    With regards to the missing child. This is obviously tragic and one fears the worst for the family after this length of time. I don’t think that anybody can fail to be touched by hearing this kind of story where ever it may be in the world. However, Sky News needs to prioritise it’s stories. I can think of an occasion where a child has gone missing close to where I live (which is in the South of England by the way) and it has failed to make national news simply because there have been other things going on. Had this boy disappeared in the week between Xmas and New Year, and the Tsunami hadn’t happened, then I’m sure it would have made the news.
    With regards to Sky News’ lack of Scotland stories, I fear I’m not well enough informed. However, I will say that it may be worthwhile considering their current coverage and thinking about how often they show, or don’t show, stories from around the regions that don’t have a national significance; when was the last time you saw a report that only had an impact on people in the North-West, Midlands, South West et cetera

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    Steven, I agree, more needs to be done on a regional scale, not just in Scotland. However the point I’m trying to get across is that Scotland has a far greater need than other regions for a distinct, bespoke news service from Sky. With a seperate parliament with a remit for many important, pressing issues, independent legal, education and church systems, Scotland is done a great disservice by the present setup.

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    Mr Byrne

    With the success of Sky News Ireland over the past year

    But it has not been a success. Its been the opposite. Ireland is a different ball game.

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    Sorry to disagree, but the vast majority of Irish people I have spoken to are happy that there is now a distinct Irish programme. Yes, it has had it teething problems and will take time to settle down, but the general consensus I’ve come across is that it’s a very positive step…

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    daved2424 i realise that if you were to set up a service like this it would be a huge cost. However Sky should be willing to invest into something like this. BBC
    and ITV have both proved succesful in doing so, so theres no reason why sky can’t. If it’s the same as Ireland ITV are getting no goverment funding so they have had to set up this service on advert money and nothing else. However Sky get Digital Subscription Money, Box Office money, advert money and i no i have no doubt i left out some so i dont see why mr. sky cant dig into his pockets and take a gamble on this. It would improve his ratings in all the regions and bring back more money for sky. They would have more people going digital and they could be making loads on adverts. If you think about it there are 5 regions that we are talking about here, if you run them all together you will have advert money for five channels all roled into 1. Yes eventually it would be profitable. If you never try it out you’ll never know. E.G. If Tony Ryan had not decided to fly a plane from Waterford in Ireland to London where would Ryanair be now. So Mr. Sky needs to take a gamble like he did with sni.

    As for the kid i made reference to another fourm if you red it properly.

    Mr. Byrne sni is 6 months old. will you give them a chance. where were bbc in their first 6 months? Some people are only starting to realise theres an irish service now that they are tuning into sky for tsunami lastest.

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    You’re right Steve.

    Drawing comparisons with the BBC are ITV are completely false. The BBC is a Public Broadcast serivce and are obliged under their charter to provide regional services. Even if they weren’t I’m sure they still would being a PBS.

    ITV started out as many regional companies so they havn’t had to ‘do it on ad money’ that was the way the business was structured before ITV became one company in England and Wales. You may also note that there has been enormous cut backs in the regions at ITV which has led to poor regional news in top of their poor national news.

    Sky should not, could not and would not provide a regional service. It would be nice, yes, but there isn’t the need. It has such a small reach it would be negligable. It would cost far too much and Sky News doesn’t make much profit anyway.

    For people to almost say ‘Sky SHOULD be providing it’ is nonsense. Should BBC News 24 and ITV News also have regional services? No. Not only because they already have the services on their sister channels but because they are too small.

    Let’s look at some figures. If we use the hypothetical number of viewers being 43 000 in Scotland (5.1% of their total viewing figure in 100% of the population were watching the television) and Sky News make ?100 (not likey I know) from subscriptions, adverts and the Active service per viewer per year, then this would amass to ?4.3 million. And if a very generous 40% of this was spent to provide 1 hour of programming per night every night of the year, bearing in mind all three of these figures are ludicrously high, then there would be a total of ?4713 per day to pay for the studio and staff. You CANNOT make 1 hour of television in ANY genre on ANY channel at ?4713 per hour. Do you see my point?

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    Judging by the quality of Regional TV broadcasting churned out by the terrestrial channels, and the regular condemnation of Sky Ireland appearing in their adjacent forum, I’m at a loss to understand why anyone would want more Regional TV.

    Can’t speak for Sky Ireland, but the BBC/ITV offerings really plumb the depths.
    Here in the East Midlands we have banality heaped upon triviality, complete with giggling presenters who, as Bill Bryson wrote, “seem more entertained by the programmes than their viewers”.

    Better the devil you know……….South East bias and all!
    Although, arguably, Sky News seem less prone than others to the ‘M25 Stockade Syndrome’…….I have seen features on Arsenal FC Reserves!

    We should covet the fact that, according to the Government Statistical Service (GSS) in their 2004 Bulletin 237/16, those within the M25 Stockade only comprise 19.37% of our National population – but consistently produce more than 85% of our National bullshit :rolleyes:

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    Ok, the point you all seem to be missing is that Scotland has a semi-autonomous news industry already. You cannot and should not compair it to other regions of the UK, including the midlands…We have are own National newspapers which far outsell anything of the London-based ones, BBC Scotland doesn’t broadcast simple, trivial ‘cat up tree’ stories, is covers wide-raniging, important news including health, education, crime etc etc which is completely different to that broadcast on ‘UK’ news…STV is less good, but isn’t that the case with ITV news in general?!

    We have interest & culture programmes, current affairs programmes, soaps and even some weekly news programmes in scots gaelic…Scotland has significantly different needs from other ‘regions’…you can’t compare a region of England to Scotland as a whole, even if some needs are similar. Scotland is a country (semi-autonomous, and in many ways independent), the midlands, the north east..these are all regions within a country and share the same laws and systems as the rest of England…where is this catered for by Sky or Sky News?

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