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    I was just wondering if there is any counselling available to The Sky news presenters and reporters that report in disaster zones such as in the Tsunami disaster and the Iraq War. Just wondered if Sky provides any sort of emotional support system for there staff who are asked to go and report on such assignments. I know Sky News?s presenters & reporters are professional but one cannot go to these places and not be affected in some way.

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    Very interesting question, must be hard to cover a situation like Sudan famine, reporting from an area where a little baby/child dies from hunger beside them. Most people would need some kind of therapy to deal with that surely.

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    I’m sure Sky and all major news producers would provide counselling for their colleagues. After all, it must be extremely traumatic for the reporters that were in Iraq, with the constant fear of being kidnapped and beheaded as well as the gunfire in general. I can imagine that those in south east asia would be subject to equally unpleasant experiences.

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    I ‘ve heard that all staff are allowed to take a week of when then return for counseling etc.

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