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    I’ve seen on another forum that there is a rumour doing the rounds that SNI is facing the axe. I call it a rumour as there is nothing in this forum that substantiates the claim.

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    I have not heard anything – will try and find out now..

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    Their news exclusive regarding the smoking ban not being undertaken in a pub in County Donegal and the landlord of the pub being brother of a FiannaFail(the leading party in Ireland) councillor has caused outrage.
    this really was a gr8 exclusive and has pulled SNI up the cliff a bit off a very slippery slope.

    Still though ,I doubt that this time next year they will be here—and Im an optimist!

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    It’s untrue – Sky News Ireland is here to stay.

    The story first broke in a newspaper, which claimed to have data from the Nielsen Ratings which showed that on one evening there were
    only 200 people watching a bulletin at 19:18pm.
    This is untrue as the Nielsen’s can’t record anything less than 1,000 viewers!

    The newspaper is part of the Independent Newspaper group and owned by Tony O’Reilly, one of Mr Murdoch’s sworn enemies. This makes them unable to print anything positive about Sky News Ireland.

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    Mr Byrne

    That was also at the same time of the penalty shoot-out between England and Portugal.

    Besides, didn’t Gr?inne admit in an interview that SNI isn’t going anywhere?

    I watch myself but as I’ve just said in another forum here, there are a lot of faults with it, that must be addressed. I can understand if Sky were trying to make coming intot he Irish market a safe bet, but now its time to invest a few million, otherwise, it’ll fall to the ground eventually, in about 2years, unless they invest and last time I checked Rupert Murdoch had deep pockets.

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