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    Hello everybody,

    At the beginning of the 90s SKY News had promo (called change) – it was about the image change of SKY News.

    Does anyone has good pics of it or of the presenters of 1989/ 1990/ …. and the studio design?
    Or videos?

    That would be great


    @johnnie: Do you plan to put more pics of former SKY News and the former SKY News studios on the site?

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    Yes, been in the planning since the site first opened over 2 years ago, just awaiting the videos/images..

    BTW, there’s no Sky News promos on at the moment, they’ve been replaced with Sky Multi Room, maybe some are in the making.

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    They have a pretty extensive Sky News section over at TV Ark under “News”. Dodgy outfits and haircuts aplenty.

    If the promo you’re thinking of is the promo I’m thinking of, you’ll find it under ‘1994’.

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    Thanks. But I already know the site of TV Ark. But that’s my problem. The video is so small and nothing can be seen on it clearly. And there are no big pictures.
    Why are there always only small videos and pictures on the sites? Just because of the space?

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