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    as many may know a new virus is going around the internet called the Sasser worm.

    Home computer users are the main victims of the worm, according to anti-virus firm Network Associates.

    Up to 80% of those hit have been home users and students, it reports.

    About 1.5 million people visited Microsoft’s Sasser clean-up web page in the first 48 hours of its availability, the software giant said.

    The effects of worm could be felt for many months, believes anti-virus firm Sophos.

    Have you been hit by the virus?

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    Not yet!

    I updated my antivirus, installed better firewall and downloaded the security patch. I also made back-up copies of my system files, just in case. Mydoom.worm already hit me last year and I had huge problems. I hope it won’t happen again this time.



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    Not yet either!!THank God!

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    No I haven’t (lucky)

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    Well I’m all clear at the moment. *touch wood*

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    This isn’t about sasser, but about virii generally. My ISP doesn’t filter mail so 98% of my “emails” have the Netsky.P virus. This has been going on for weeks. They are deaf to complaints! Norton is really earning its keep as a serial killer!

    My ISP wants me to buy their own anti virus software; they sell two versions – the type you download on your PC and the type they use to screen at source. You have to buy a monthly sub for both.

    They are incompatible with Norton. If you try to run them simultaneously, the hdd will crash…and I trust Norton far more than their version!

    So, seeing as tho’ there’s just this ISP and french aol whose software also may not work too well with an “eeenglish PC”, does anyone have any ideas about what I can do? So far Norton’s caught them all but it’s incredibly annoying having to download and delete umpteen virii per day.

    don’t tell me to “buy a mac” like someone else did. Too expensive!!

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    never been touched by an e-mail virus/worm

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