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    To start the ball rolling, when Paula Middlehurst interviews a man she always seems to call him “Sir”, not “Mr Whatever”. It often seems to be with foreign people.

    What things come round again and again and, even though you know that they don’t count for much in the great scheme of things, just make you grind your teeth or let out a little sigh of disgust?

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    I agree with Paula-“Sir” is much more appropriate and formal,,,,of course it depends who you’re talking to…..she does not call Colin Brazier or Adam Boulton “Sir”.

    I think Paula has HUGELY improved over the past year…..she is very quickly becoming one of my favourites….she works particularly well with Chris,Steve and Martin

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    People who state personal “opinion” as “fact” -or- present “conjecture” and “detailed analysis” as the same thing.

    I have noticed this in all broadcast formats and I don’t like it.


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