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    Participant report

    For those that aren’t registered it reports that the BBC correspondent (currently Olympic correspondent) is defecting to Sky News to become the “Lifestyle Correspondent” – whatever that is?
    This is the guy who worked with the excellent Christopher Price on Liquid News (and was a close friend also, I believe).
    Can’t quite work out what this is all about – it’s a good coup in one way because I believe that Nisbet was quite highly thought of – but what the hell is a “Lifestyle Correspondent”?

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    Sounds fluffy. Sounds like a great job if you can get it

    Does not sound like Serious News…. If you find Sky’s own definition, let’s have it!

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    From MediaGuardian

    BBC’s Robert Nisbet defects to Sky News

    John Plunkett
    Thursday November 4, 2004

    Robert Nisbet, one of the rising stars of BBC News, has quit the corporation to join Sky News as its first-ever lifestyle correspondent.
    Nisbet, who made his name on BBC’s now defunct showbusiness bulletin Liquid News, is the BBC’s Olympic correspondent.

    “The Sky News lifestyle correspondent position is new and reflects our continued commitment to the growth and development of our coverage,” said Simon Cole, deputy head of Sky News, who described Nisbet’s signing as a “real coup”.

    Nisbet joined the BBC in 1994 as a launch producer on Radio 5 Live, and won a Sony award for his work on its entertainment news programme.

    He also made a short-lived transition to daytime television alongside former Popstars judge Nicki Chapman, on BBC1’s The Morning Show.

    But Nisbet is still probably best known for Liquid News and his sparring with its host Christopher Price, who died in 2002.

    He joined Liquid News in 2000 after a stint as entertainment correspondent and presenter on Radio 1’s Newsbeat. He left the BBC3 show a year later to become entertainment correspondent on BBC1’s Six O’Clock News.

    In 2003 Nisbet was appointed BBC News’s Los Angeles correspondent, where he reported on Michael Jackson’s abuse hearings, to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inauguration as governor of California. He was made Olympics correspondent for this summer’s games, and to cover London’s bid to host the event in 2012.

    “I’ve had a good few years at the BBC, but it was time to move on,” he said.

    Nisbet will join Sky News in January next year. The news channel said his brief would be to report on “everything from the latest celebrity fads to human-interest stories”.

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    Oh NOOOO. Not more of the “style over substance, news as entertainment” m-e-r-d-e.
    Isn’t there enough of it already?!! Obviously they think not. I thought they were losing money p.a. and ‘needed to attract more traditional BBC type middle class viewers’ (some FT report I read).

    It’s schizo – you have Iraq, Bush…..and Britney. I feel old. Where’s my drink? Hey Skyboys, d’you want me back as a subscriber btw?!

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    Do you suppose he will present a new “lifestyle” show on Sky News when it relaunches? Would that be a good thing? :blink:

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    Anybody got any news on Rob Nisbet will be on our screens?

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    Steven+Feb 15 2005, 06:20 PM–>(Steven @ Feb 15 2005, 06:20 PM)
    Anybody got any news on Rob Nisbet will be on our screens?

    I think you meant when ?

    He did a report for five news today, that may be repeated on sky.

    I’m no fan of his work, and think its a good move he has made to join sky.

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    I think Nesbit’s pretty good actually – his reports on the forest fires in California and the hostage release in Colombia on the BBC last year was great: well written and accurate.
    He always seems to do things a little differently, and can turn his hand to most topics. Just as long as this doesn’t mean sky are going to do even more entertainment-masquerading-as-news.
    Why did the Beeb let him go, anyway?

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