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    The woman who claims to have had an affair with David Beckham has been offered a “six figure sum” to appear on Playboy TV.

    Rebecca Loos is said to be “seriously considering” the offer from the subscription station.

    “Rebecca is without a doubt our number one choice for a centrefold special and is hot on everyone’s lips,” said Richard Gale, European Head of Marketing at Playboy TV.

    “We are actively pursuing Ms Loos with a genuine offer which will hopefully see her following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Salma Hayek. She would be a great asset to Playboy TV.”

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    radio ruderham


    For whom, I think she’s a bint and he’s nuts to even make any comment about it.

    If he did, his prob,

    If he didn’t he should sue the butt from her, anyway how can you take any-one serious with a name that reminds you of a toilet which is where her morals are……and his no doubt. He hasn’t actually denied it has he??

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    So what about him and her! It’s her in the noddy that we (well, some of us) find interesting, not the actual story. Did he, didn’t he? Who cares? Rebecca Loos naked would still be interesting to see.

    She’ll probably do it for the money, as she seems to be that type of woman. (If her tabloid newspaper allegations and Sky One TV ‘special’ are anything to go by.) So bring it on I say!

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    Playboy TV…does any1 actually get that??

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    ms loos is nothing but a slapper,she tried to ruin mr and mrs b marriage,of course she is only doing it for the money,she dont care about peoples feelings,

    she will be writing a book next,

    she is nothing to look at,

    and the tabloids they like scandel,

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    By the way, if she could ruin my enjoyable single life and makes me split up with Mrs my left hand……. No problema !
    She would do a better use of her body and avoid making all this mess.

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