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    So they’ve given up on news then???

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    I don’t understand why? Someone at Sky is a Prince fan

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    I can understand them showing it on Sky One, but Sky News????

    Where’s the news????

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    This is from the Digital Spy interview with Sky News executive editor Chris Birkett:

    On Friday, you showcased live coverage of Prince’s concert at London’s O2. How did that come about?
    A lot of people in the newsroom seemed to have contact with the people organising this event. I’m not quite sure about Prince’s agenda, but obviously he was trying to make a point about the availability of music and how the public can get it. And he saw the advantage of a link of with us. He did the link up with The Mail on Sunday (where he gave away his album for free) which caused a lot of discussion and a mini storm in the music industry. I guess from his point of view this is something that’s ‘let’s test the water here with TV and see what happens’. Around it, we built a discussion about what the implications of him doing this are for the music industry and for the distribution of music.

    So it seems it was just because he offered???
    That doesn’t really seem like a good enough reason to me…

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