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    On 10 February 2005, Clarence House announced that The Prince of Wales is to marry Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles. The marriage will take place on Friday, 8 April at Windsor Castle.

    Mrs Parker Bowles will use the title HRH The Duchess of Cornwall after marriage.

    It is intended that Mrs Parker Bowles should use the title HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales accedes to the Throne.

    The wedding will be a largely private occasion for family and friends. It will comprise a civil ceremony in Windsor Castle on Friday, 8 April. There will be subsequently a blessing conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury in St. George’s Chapel. (


    Lorna and Greg broke the news on Sunrise.
    Martin Stanford live from Buckingham Palace.
    Adam Boulton live from Westminster
    Alistair Bruce is in the studio with Julie Etchingham.

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    I mean…who really cares ?? I really detest the way Sky will now have a non stop barrage of nonsense over this.

    Glad I dont live in the UK anymore and have my taxes squandered on people that dont work and claim a 12 million GBP salary a year for doing sweet FA living in huge houses that the public funds from the pocket.

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    Fair enough. I don’t care all that much, it’s fun to watch though.

    Kay Burley (& Ollie on camera) are now outside Windsor Castle. (dressed up warm!)

    Geoff Meade is in the City of London, following Prince Charles.

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    Looks like it’s going to be a big 3 months then:

    General Election Announced / Parliament Dissolved (1st week of April?)
    Royal Wedding (8th April)
    General Election Campaign
    General Election (5th May)

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    Oh dear,here we go again,sky news will now try and find as many people as they can who will try and find a hundred diffrent ways over the next few weeks to give us the same 5 mins worth of information.What a bore.

    Nearly all the polls that been done on the charles/parker bowles thing over the years have all pretty much confirmed that most people dont care what they do.

    The only good thing about it for me is that i get to see kay out and about instead of stuck in the studio

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    Julie Etchingham’s live in Windsor for Five News

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    Doubt the royal wedding will be that big of a deal. Sounds like its just going to be rather private. Can anyone actually remember the Sophie and Edward one?

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    how is some couple getting married more important than the northern ireland peace process!! Sky give that 20 mins coverage then other news then back again to windsor castle to here that he got down on 1 knee. u’d never of guessed he’d of done that would you?? dont really think it deserved “breaking news”

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    Its rare that I ever have any praise for the Daily Sport but their headline which I’ve just seen on the paper review on Newsnight sums up the day’s event perfectly.

    “Boring old gits to marry”

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    I don’t know if its just me, but Charles’ outfit tonight reminds me of one of the old British Rail steward’s uniforms!!

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    Fair bit of coverage here in Australia – mainly just people’s reactions. Pretty much… “I dont want him to be King of Australia” or “I dont care, as long as they are happy.”

    I wonder how the Scots feel with him frollicking around in a kilt!

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    The most important question of all regarding the marriage is: Is it going to be a public holiday that day? Will we get the day off work the day of the wedding?

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    Hi guys
    A couple of days back I tried to comment on something arising from the reports on Charles+Camilla’s wedding the site wouldn’t let me but, as Johnnie has helped me to sort the problem I’m commenting now
    There was a comment bout Edward 8th abdicating in 1936. Alister Bruce said he was the second royal to abdicate. The 1st one being Edward 5th in the 1400’s but, Edward 5th never got the chance to abdicate he and his brother Richard were kidnapped on the orders of their uncle Richard (Later Richard3rd), imprisoned in tower and murderd in 1483, Uncle Richard then took the throne for himself and reigned until defeated by Henry Tudor (later Henry7th), on August 22, 1485 at the battle of Bosworth.
    When I heard Alister Bruce’s comment I tried to comment as I said above but was unable to until now but, following my comments above, maybe someone should ask Alistter Bruce how Edward 5th Got to abdicate when he never became King in the first place but was imprisoned and usurped by his uncle.

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    Hello+Feb 11 2005, 03:09 PM–>(Hello @ Feb 11 2005, 03:09 PM)
    The most important question of all regarding the marriage is: Is it going to be a public holiday that day? Will we get the day off work the day of the wedding?

    It’s my mum’s birthday that day, so she’s keeping her fingers crossed that it will be!

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    Doubt it’ll be a day off in the UK. Maybe if it was a big wedding, but seeing its shaping up to be a largely private one…

    It definately wont be a public holiday here We dont even celebate Elizabeth’s birthday on April 12! We have Queens Birthday in June… I think Victoria’s B’day is celebrated in most states.
    in Western Australia though they have Queens Birthday in April I think.

    I’m hoping the event will be televised though…

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    i wont be watching the wedding,

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    The Queen will not attend the wedding of Charles and Camilla, the couple have announced.,,30000-1172016,00.html

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    Hardly that earth shattering.Maybe they thought she’d jinx it.

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