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    So I have started this topic to discuss Ronald Reagan himself. Talk about Sky News’ coverage should be over in the Sky News thread.

    When I think about Reagan, I think of him as the greatest President, in my life time that is. Perhaps it is just because he is the first one that I have memories of. Maybe. He certainly knocks socks of Clinton (his sexual scandals damage him) and lets not discuss Bush Jnr in relation to Reagan. Bush Snr didn’t quite cut it either, and only lasted one term.

    Reagan seemed to have that Presidential air of authority about him. He looked like a President should. He spoke like a President should. It is incedibly sad that he couldn’t remember his Presidency towards the end of his life. Sad.

    Of course Nancy Reagan also played her part as First Lady so well. The 2 of them had that ‘Grand Parents’ feel about them.

    I think it’s great that the americans still refer to their former Presidents as ‘Preseident’.

    Can I also add that Bush Jnr seemed a little slow of the mark last night. There was confusion on Fox and CNN over how Bush would communicate his reaction last night. Reagan’s death didn’t come as a complete shock. The current President should have been better prepared. I haven’t seen his full statement yet. No doubt the script writers had some very poignant thoughts. No doubt Bush’s delivery will be some what less poignant.

    Reagan wrote an open letter to his fellow Americans in 1994 explaing that he was suffering Alzheimers: “When the Lord calls me home … I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead.”

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    Without Regan we would wouldn’t have had Bush Snr, or Clinton, then Bush junior, and the Soviet Unions might still be around. Plus Maggie wouldn’t have had a political “soul mate” to rule the world with.

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    What about the Iran- Contra affair? No-one’s mentioning it.

    Does anyone have a tape of the Spitting Image clip of Maggie ‘n Ron having a hot conversation on the nukephone? One of the great moments of Spitting Image.

    Who’s idea was it to sit Maggie next to Gorbachev at the funeral?

    I’m sorry, but I’m not a Reagan fan at all. He started the bandwagon on the whole US ultra conservatism/right wing religious fundamentalist political movement; he allegedly ratted on fellow actors during the Mc Carthy era – ok, he was a good communicator with a sense of humour, but I can remember at the time thinking ‘well, there won’t be a thicker US president in my lifetime’. DUH. WRONG…..

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    OK, fair points all taken. However, I wasn’t trying to create a Reagan love-fest here. My point is that, to my mind, he is what Presidents should be. That may be more in the cosmetic sense, ie talks, walks etc. In fairness the Iran-Contra affair has been mentioned in the news reports after his death, including those reports on Fox News; Fair and balanced – not likely, nevertheless for them to mention this about a conservative President is fairly interesting.

    Poor Presidents don’t need a scandal to ‘bring them down’ or taint their Presidency. Just throwing that in for good measure! George Bush I.

    Oh and why is it that Presidents have to be uber-intelligent? Just curious.

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