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    Are the Sports Bulletins after midnught usually shown from tape?

    I ask this because last night when Gordon Radley passed over to Rob Curling for the Sport at various times between midnight and when I hit the sack at 2am ,the same footage of Rob was shown (he fluffed the name of golfer Paul Broadhurst).

    Is this usually the case or is it just the first time I’ve picked it up?

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    Overnight Sport bulletins are always on a tape loop, usually ‘created’ on the earlier 23.15 bulletin.

    Several earlier threads on the stupid practice of the presenters in looking left, as if to acknowledge an introduction…..Bro Curling being one of the worst offenders.
    Pure Kindergaren stuff….

    Another recent feature of the end of these reports is the statement “Tune in later for more sports news”….when it’s merely a replay of the loop!
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