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    Great to see Orla on Sky News Today!

    Its about time Sky used her in the studio. She was a great presenter on Scotland Today and is missed!

    Hope to see her more often!

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    Who is she, was she the one presenting Sunrise on Friday with Stecve Dixon

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    I found it really hard to hear what she was saying, she spoke very quietly!

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    HOWIE wrote:Who is she, was she the one presenting Sunrise on Friday with Stecve Dixon

    She was a respected journalist with the sunday herald in scotland. She then moved to SMG and started in the Scotland Today news room. She was a reporter for a while then moved into presenting and presented the GMTV segments.

    Before long she was presenting the main evening news. She had a huge following in scotland and many thought when Shereen Nanjiani and Sarah Heany took voluntry redundency she would become the main anchor.

    Then like overnight just before Sky was due to relaunch in october, she was appointed to Northern Ireland Correspondent. She belongs presenting and could be an asset to the Sky presenting team.

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    Here in Ireland we see a bit more of Orla, as she frequently does reports from Belfast, for SNI.
    It’s great to see her getting more exposure as part of the main output. I agree that as a presenter she may need to lift her volume up a notch or two. It may come with time.

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    she did a couple of nights aswell last week

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