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    The New Zealand Herald reports that One News will have a new set tomorrow evening, part of the news services’ campaign to maintain a lead over rival 3 News.

    The new set was described by TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs Anthony Flannery as “above all, New Zealand”, drawing on native elements such as kauri pine and muted silver panels. The studio came in its budget of $NZ700,000, and will be accompanied by “simple, cleaner, sharper” graphics.

    The last revamp to One News’ set came two years ago, with slight modifications to the original design from nearly six years ago. Auckland-based interior designer Daniella Norling said that the decision to stick with blues and greens was wise, although the design’s heavy use of wood made it less sophisticated.

    “Tell them the 1990s called and they want their breakfast bar back,” she said, on viewing phots of the new design.

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