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    Maybe this has been covered here in the past, but I’ve often wondered why Sky News doesn’t use reports from Sky News Australia.

    A perfect opportunity would have been todays reports on the riots in Sydney.

    Any ideas?

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    Because Sky BARELY use their own reporters! They have about 15 and barely use them. The only ones used are:

    Terry Gallaway

    Craig Norenbergs (sport)

    David Speers (Canberra Bureau Chief)

    Kieren Gilbert (Canberra reporter)

    They have 13 news presenters or so and NEVER use all of them. You go about 3 weeks sometimes without seeing one. Its pathetic. Sky News Australia leaves ALOT to be desired, and if you think BBC News 24 is bad, you have no idea how bad Sky News Australia is. It barely mentions news outside Sydney (typical) and well is nothing like its superior cousin in the UK.

    Bring on Sky News Active! Atleast that way I can watch SKY NEWS live (BskyB) and not be interupted by Sky News AU.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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