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    Does anyone know what is going on with the web site?
    My friend who lives in London would like to know why the site is closed. I got sent an e-mail about it, and I don’t have a clue as to why it’s been closed.
    Does anyone out there know?
    I wish that I had news 24. They have some of the best presenters.
    Like Chris Lowe, Joanna Gosling, Alastair Yates, Peter Dobbie, Jake Lynch.
    Does Mike still work there as well as bbc World?
    That’s too bad that they keep shuffling their presenters around.
    BBC World has shuffled a couple of people around. Lucy is working on the World Today, and David is now working afternoons. I don’t know if he is still doing world service radio at lunch time.

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    I just found out that i can watch bbc news 24 through one of the bbc sites. I wish that I would’ve known this before.

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